Apr 8, 2010

Easter pictures...

Well I'm running behind the rest of you, but wanted to put up a few pictures of our Easter. (The older I get, the longer it seems it takes me to recover from these holidays!) Hope you enjoy seeing them.

First off, my egg coloring crew consisted of:

4 year old Elylah, my granddaughter

4 year old Benjamin, who calls me "aunt"

and Jonathan, 6, Benjamin's older brother, who also calls me "aunt"

We did these on Wednesday of Holy Week, and it was a beautiful spring day here in NE Ohio. So after all this hard work, the kids got to go outside and play on the swingset for the first time this season.

I couldn't believe Benjamin crawled across the top on my watch!

grandson Ethan, 16 1/2 months, joining the fun

the ground was still soggy, but the sun was warm upon the face!

My sister Marcella and part of her family (one son is serving with the Marines in Afghanistan and a daughter is in college out of state) came from 3 1/2 hours away to spend the holiday weekend with us, and I was happy to press her into kitchen duty on Saturday. Here she is pounding chicken breasts for our cordon bleu. I use a special mallet when doing this, but she claims Rachael Ray uses a skillet...!

I assembled, and we had a lot of fun doing it. (I put the recipe on my other blog.) It's really easy to make, and not only is it delicious, but it is something different and rather exotic for a non-gormet cook like me to serve. Just have a look at this:

Our Easter Sunday menu consisted of the chicken, ham, sweet potatoes, green beans, spring salad, hot cross buns, and birthday cake. All the guests contributed something to the dinner, which made it so nice for me. We had 10 adults and 5 kids.

Here's part of the crowd...

Benjamin's and Jonathan's mom, Jennifer, and me...

After dinner, the kids begin their egg hunt. My nephew Robby (striped shirt) ,12, did a great job of stuffing and hiding the eggs for the younger ones to find. (I spy a yellow one right there by the front door!)

To add to the fun of the day, it also happened to be hubby's birthday.

Happy Birthday, Papa!


Dar said...

What a 'Sweet' entry. I just love family time like this. Your table looked absolutely lovely from tablescape to food. I must try the chicken cordon bleu. It looks delicious. Your GrandLoves are beautiful. We did the egg hunt too as well as flying kites. We all had a blast as I'm sure you did. Happy Birthday to your Hubby.
Bless Your Weekend

Nikki J Comer said...

Hey, nice post.
I love Easter because it is the demonstration of God that life is essentially spiritual and timeless.

Hope you had a Egg-ceptional, Eggs-traordinary Easter !!!


Jess said...

Good morning Sweet Friend!
Thank you for your heartfelt sharing about this time of year and the anniversaries of our parents' promotion into Heaven.
What precious deposits we have with our LORD!

I love all of these wonderful photos of your Easter Celebration!
How did you get your egg hunting crew to pause in the door frame? Such restraint!!! Such quick camera work! LOL

Praying that your weekend brings blessing and refreshment. Sending my love always~

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Looks like you had a lovely Easter
Celebration. Your dinner looked absolutely delish! I am sure everyone really enjoy it!

Your daughter is a very pretty Mommy
and your grandchldren are adorable.

I am with you, it seems like all these events just wear me out for a few days afterwards. Guess it has to do with getting older, my mind wants to do way more than my body can stand!! lol
Course, I love having us all get together so it is worth being tired afterwards.
Have a wonderful weekend, hope you are rested up by now, think I am!
Blessing hon,

Judy said...

I hear ya on being worn out.
I've been sick since Easter Sunday night.
LOVE your pictures!

Wanda said...

Loved those serious faces on the children, as they dyed the eggs, then there's your sister and you, just smiling away! Nice family gathering for Easter and your husband's Birthday too!

Jacquelyn Stager said...

Hi everyone...I totally forgot to tell you that while we were coloring the eggs, I suggested we talk aout the Easter story. Jonathan proceeded to tell the story of Gethsename...how Jesus asked his disciples to watch and pray with him...Jonathan kept repeating "AND THEY FELL ASLEEP! CAN YOU IMAGINE? THEY FELL ASLEEP" This little 6 year totally got it. The other two took it in. They all ended up saying things like "and Jesus is ALIVE!" They were so excited...and so was I!!!
Thanks all for your sweet comments. I hope to get around to visit all of you very soon!

prashant said...

love Easter because it is the demonstration of God that life is essentially spiritual and timeless
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