Mar 11, 2009

Have you heard my crib story?

I've told this so many times and once again to a friend just yesterday, so I thought I'd get it out in writing. This is the baby crib we bought thirty years ago, second hand. Nothing special about it except it slept my two how much more special can it be than that? About seven years ago a friend was collecting baby supplies for a young Russian couple who were living in married student housing at Kent State, expecting their first baby, and with very little money, needed just about everything. I offered my crib, which I was hanging on to in the event I ever needed it for grandchildren, who were not even on the radar screen at the time. Tonya and Sergi once had us over to their place for dinner and we so enjoyed seeing their little girl using our crib. We told them to use it as long as they needed it, and we would get it back eventually. Time passed, the Russian students moved to another city, as well as our mutual friend. I wistfully said "goodbye" to my crib in my mind, and really never thought any more about it. Until in 2005 when I found out we were going to become grandparents! The sentimental thought of "oh my crib" quickly ran through my brain, and I felt a pinge of sadness that I had saved it all those years and now wouldn't have it when I wanted it. If you've ever doubted that God cares about the tinyest things in our hearts, doubt no more. That VERY DAY I received an email "Hi Jacque, it's Tonya. Remember me? I have your crib. We used it for two children! I want to return it. We will be in your area this weekend." I'm not making this up! But wait...there's more! A couple more years passed, and while walking through the atrium at our church, who do I run into but Tonya and Serji? They've now moved back to the area and are new but vibrant, growing Christians, and Tonya is now in my Thursday morning ladies bible study, sitting right next to me. I thought I'd recovered a crib, but really I gained a friend.


Wanda said...

What a nice story and ending. It's sentimental things which keep families tight. I had a rocking chair my children's grandmother used with all of them, which I later used with all of my grandchildren, and now my daughter has it for her future use!...Also your story reminds me of the book -The Secret- wanting and putting forth positive selfless thoughts or deeds...many times rewards you with what you you helped with our foreign relations too! :)

Deb said...

And such is the cycle of life as we walk with God! He certainly puts things together so much meaningful than we could do on our own - doesn't He?
What a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

We love the crib! For without the crib our babies wouldn't have had a place to sleep on over your house. The story of the crib is quite amazing. Goes to show you that God always has a meaning and purpose for what he does.

Joanna :)