Dec 13, 2009

Third Sunday of Advent Meditation

Traditional Advent Candle Wreaths have three purple candles and one pink or rose colored candle, and often a white candle in the middle. The color purple symbolizes both royalty and penitence. Today, the rose colored candle is lit. This color represents joy, which we can experience in the midst of our sorrow for our sin, because we know the Light of the World has come. The white candle is not lit until Christmas Day, and is called the Christ candle. Evergreens surrounding the candle wreath symbolizes everlasting life.

As we have move through the Advent season and contemplate the wonder of Christmas, we become one with those who have waited in darkness for the revelation of God's light and those who dared hope that God's salvation would come in the birth of a child. We are challenged to avoid those things in our lives that distract us from truly celebrating God's gift of love in Jesus. All that we do this season should reflect that love and our celebrating and giving should extend beyond our immediate circle of family and friends, to those who most need a touch of love and caring.

Take a moment to visit this link and enjoy one of my favorite Advent Hymns, O Come, O Come, Emmanuel:


Jess said...

Extending HIS LOVE...what a mission!
Thank you for clarifying the symbolism for the purple and pink candles.
For decades we have chosen to use white and red in our Advent log, representing the blood of Christ that cleans us white as snow.

How wonderful that you will all be united by New Years! Enjoy your all of your blessings!

Jacquelyn said...

Jess, I know...the pink and purple look great in churches, but they don't match my decor at all! LOL! I just used red candles this year for our wreath here at home. We are on our way out the door to a concert at church, but I'll write more to you later. I read your advent your wreath and its history!

Anonymous said...

We have blue and white at our church.

Jacquelyn said...

Shirley, Blue is also a color of royalty! Blue and white are beautiful together. Send a picture if you can!