Mar 9, 2010

Encouragement from the Psalms

I have been reading through the Psalms as part of a 3 month e-mail spiritual discipline I set up to do with 16 other ladies. These verses that I recently read have been particularly meaningful to me lately. I would love to here from you if they bless you today as well. There's just nothing like drawing strength from the Word of God!

"When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought joy to my soul."
Psalm 94:19 NIV

"Let those who love the Lord hate evil, for he guards the lives of his faithful ones and delivers them from the hand of the wicked. Light is shed upon the righteous and joy on the upright in heart. Rejoice in the Lord, you who are righteous, and praise his holy name."
Psalm 97:11-12 NIV


Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

I love the Psalms! Thank you for sharing from this wonderful book! I am hosting a Tea today and I would love to have you stop by for a sip. I try to incorporate scripture into every Tea post I write. Have a beautiful day.


Patrina said...

Thanks for the encouragemnt! He is who He says that He is and He has delivered me many times. He is my strength for today and my Hope for tomorrow. I couldn't take a step or a breath without HIm.


Patrina <")>><
His watchman onthe wall

Pat said...

The word of God never fails. It encourages the broken hearted and instructs us in His ways!
Thank you for sharing these verses, they are hidden in my heart!!

Deborah Ann said...

The Psalms are my favorite part of the Bible. Thanks for sharing these beautiful scriptures!

Rebecca said...

In my Bible, I have "light" (in the second passage) circled. This winter hasn't been so bad for some reason, but often the short days and lack of light in winter contributed to my "spirits" being down or downright depressed! So I go to the Psalms where God is spoken of as "my light and salvation", etc. This was one of many, many statements of the light and joy of being God's own child.

Thanks for taking me "there"!

Jess said...

Hi Sweet Friend,
I've missed hearing from you.
Thanks for sharing these scriptures.
I was wondering if you'd be willing to write me an email addressed to the siblings that just lost their 15 yo brother?
I can't imagine the sense of loss they are dealing with and since I haven't experienced such a tragedy, I feel so ill-equipped to minister to them.
I love the mother very much and hope we can have her and the family over once they get "through"
this horrible week. The memorial is tomorrow night (Friday) a week from his untimely death.
Oh, how my heart breaks for them.
Heaven has seemed so much closer though and God's tender mercy offered so freely to those who love HIM.

Jacquelyn said...

Thank you friends...Believe it or not, one of the gals in my email group (I don't know her) has never read the bible before. Reading the Psalms, something so familiar to most seasoned Christians, is brand new to her and she hasn't seen that "light" yet that Rebecca is talking about here. Please pray for her, that God will open the eyes of her heart as she continues to read His Word for the first time! Jess, I will email you tomorrow. Would you mind if I also wrote something to the parents? You of course can moderate it before passing it on...

Shirl said...

Like so many others, I love reading in the Psalms. I suppose it's my favorite book of the Bible. So much to be found there.

Jacquelyn said...

Amen, Shirley!