Mar 31, 2010

March 31, exceedingly happy day!

It was a feeling I'd never experienced before. Looking intently into the bassinet at that newborn baby boy filled me with such an overwhelming sense of love that I actually thought I could pass out. I was 31 years old at the time, and didn't expect to be so overcome with emotions for which there are no words to describe. I knew instinctively that I would defend this little one to the death if necessary. I loved him more than life itself. I never knew something so tiny could affect my life so much. My heart was bursting with a love I never knew before.

Thus began my journey into motherhood - 30 years ago today! Happy Birthday Andy!

My friend Rose recently posted about how fleeting life is. It's a subject I've had a lot of thoughts about myself lately. I have no idea how the last 30 years have gone by so quickly. I might be the mother of a 30 year old, but there are many memories that seem like they happened just yesterday.

For example:

*One day shortly before Mother's Day in 1982 I was running late and driving speedily to my Mom's house in the morning on my way to work. Andy was just two, and my Mom babysat him. I can remember the exact intersection we were pulling up to, the busiest one in our county. I got the red light and was frustrated because I knew I would be sitting there for the next six minutes. Andy was in the front passenger's seat (which was a legal thing to do back then) and suddenly he turned around and asked me softly, "Mommy, what is Jesus doing in the back seat?" I looked all around thinking maybe he had spotted someone walking along the road who had a beard, but I could see no one. It was pretty humbling to think that Jesus needed to visibly show up to get me to slow down.

One of my most favorite ages of children has always been "4" for some reason. I guess I just love the way they really start thinking through things, and so often, out loud.

Here are a few favorite "age 4" memories:

*One Friday night while we were driving home from Grandma's house, we heard church bells ringing. Andy confidently announced, "It must be Ash Friday!"

*It was Sunday July 29, 1984 and I thought Andy was upstairs taking a really good nap. We later discovered he had been giving himself a hair cut. I tried to explain that he shouldn't do that because he couldn't see what he was doing, and he could hurt himself. His reply? "Oh yes I can, I used the rear-view mirror." Up by the bathroom sink I found barber shears, comb, and a hand held mirror.

*In September of the same year, I took Andy to a specialist to have his tonsils checked. The doctor said he needed to get them taken out, so he showed Andy a little film to explain why he had so many sore throats, referring to "swollen tissues". The next morning Andy asked his dad if he still had that "kleenex" in his throat. We had no clue what he was talking about until he explained, "You know, the tissue." After thinking about the film a little more, Andy proclaimed, "that doctor must know an awful lot about how God made me!"

and my most favorite 4 year old memory of Andy:

*Later the same month, Andy told me he had had a conversation with God while he was in the bathtub. He said he asked God what kind of servant he wanted him to be, and God told him he wanted him to tell people about Jesus!

Andrew of the Bible, for whom our Andy was named, was the first called among the apostles to follow Jesus, and he is credited with introducing his brother, Simon Peter, to Christ. History records that Andrew himself spread the Gospel far and wide and eventually was martyred for his Lord.

Andy has lived up to his namesake and also to his very early calling by the Lord to serve Him by preaching the Gospel. He is now an ordained minister of the Gospel serving in a church in South Carolina as an Associate Pastor. You can take a peak at his bio here. His passion that he hopes to eventually pursue involves church planting.

Happy Birthday son! Even though you are making us feel "old" today, we love you and we sure are proud of you!

Andy and Ellie last March when he was best man in his friend's wedding

Here we are the day of Andy's ordination, Jan. 10, 2009

Our two precious grandsons from Andy & Ellie, Deacon & Owen


Judy said...

Such a wonderful post.

My oldest will be 30 this year also.

Rose said...

Jacque, this is such a great post filled with such funny and heart warming stories. Again, where does time go. Doesn't it just boggle your mind how fast it all goes by. When I read 1980 and then 30 years, I thought, no way, she miscalculated. Good grief! Lol. The picture of the grand kids is so cute. The little one (the blonde) looks like a real character! Happy 30th Andy!
P.S. Thanks for the mention of my blog!

Wanda said...

Your son has grown into a young man and father, that you can be so proud of Jacquelyn.
Your youngest g/son in the photo looks like my daughter's youngest son at that age, he's now 17. He had the biggest smile and flyaway blonde hair too!

Hope your son had a nice birthday.
Thanks for visiting me on mine!

Pat said...

What a wonderful post, I loved the pictures of you and your family. Your grands are so adorable.
Lately it seems that I ask myself where the time has gone more and more often. My "little" grandsons are now grown men. Oh, how I would love to turn back time!
You have such a fine son, and he apparently always thought on his feet!

Jacquelyn Stager said...

Judy, it seems like I'm running into moms everywhere whose "oldest" is 30 this year! Thanks for stopping by.

Jacquelyn Stager said...

Rose, yes, "the little one" is Owen...we are quite sure his bones are made out of rubber. He is constantly in a state of tossing and tumbling and never seems to get hurt, just comes out smiling!

Jacquelyn Stager said...

Wanda, I'm hoping I will LIVE long enough to see some of my grands grow up...though the early years are so much fun aren't they? I'm thinking Alivia must be your youngest? And she is growing so fast! Well, we just have to enjoy each day as a gift from God, don't we?
Hope you have a wonderful year!

Jacquelyn Stager said...

Pat, I can't even imagine any of the 3 of my grandsons as grown men yet...but that must give you so much pleasure and satisfaction. And I know you're making it all up because you aren't OLD enough to have grown up grandsons!!! LOL!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Jacquelyn,
what a lovely tribute to Andy.
That is so neat he heard his calling so young and is now fulfilling it.
He is a very nice looking young man and has a very pretty and sweet looking wife, and adorable boys.
I know you are proud of him and rightly so!! He is a fine young man. What a blessing.
Nice pic of you and hubby too.
and Happy Birthday Andie!!
My son will be turning 33 in November, I can hardly fathom it,
like you say it goes so fast, it is like a flash.
Loved all you cute lil stories of when he was little. Kids say the most adorable things, and it is so true that out of the mouth of babes!! They say some amazingly
true statements that can knock your socks off!
Have a Blessed and Holy Easter my friend,
blessings, Nellie

Jess said...

Dear Jacque,
Somehow this precious post slipped by me!
WOW, what wonderful memories and such incredible blessings from our LORD. Happy Birthday to you too Mom and thank you for raising such a godly man to serve our KING.
The photo of you and Hubby is darling and I know how proud you were feeling!
Blessings always ~