Nov 17, 2010

I can't believe I won!!!

My sweet friend Jackie over at Fresh Oil Today held a Fall give-away and I won! I am enjoying each and every item, but especially blessing her for her generosity. THANK YOU JACKIE!
Now you all go and pay her blog a quick visit!!! She's going to have a Christmas give-away too, so watch for it and maybe YOU will win!


Nellie's Cozy place said...

HI Again,
Congratulations on your lovely Win!!
Looks like a fun box of goodies!!
I have always wanted to try scones,
cause I hear they are of these days!!
The candle and mug sure are pretty.
Bet you are enjoying them!!
I did check out her blog a week or so ago when you spoke of her,
and it was lovely! I am thinking I joined as a memory!! Scary!!

Happy Thanksgiving too!
blessings, Nellie

Rebecca said...

Looks good! Maybe this a precursor to the Big Win (Publishers Clearing House)?????

Jacquelyn Stager said...

ha ha Rebecca! My m-i-l volunteers at Good Neighbors on the day she is supposed to be home to receive the big prize!!

Though I also won a Chris Tomlin CD from Elaine@PeacefortheJourney and in October I won not one, but TWO large gift baskets at a party I went to with my 91 yr old aunt. (gave one to my d-i-l) ... truly I usually NEVER win anything!

Nellie, my memory (lack of it to be more exact) is scary too at times!!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful...I have never entered a giveaway...maybe sometime I will give it a try.