Dec 13, 2010

on the lighter side...random ramblings...

Our SC family left to go back home the Monday after Thanksgiving. In the week following several of us got a stomach virus and so my normal time to start decorating for Christmas was delayed. I'm still working on it, but it will be greatly scaled back this year. I'm ok with that.

Our house has nine windows in the front and last year at the after-Christmas sales I purchased new window wreaths for $2. each. Ours had seen 15 Ohio winters and were a bit worse for wear. I was lucky enough to find nine foot spools of ribbon for 68 cents each, and used one spool for each new bow I needed to make...10 altogether since I needed one for the front door wreath too.

My hubby was good enough to hang all the wreaths in spite of snow blowing in his face and into the house, since we hang them on the outside, from the inside. It was a pretty big deal. Thanks Bob!

My niece, who is in college, redesigns and makes her own jewelry. She had her second annual sale and I got these beautiful earrings for only $3. Aren't they great?

Hubby got our tree set up and I called for the local grands to come over and "help" me decorate it.

It took several days, but we got it done!

This past weekend we enjoyed a beautiful Christmas concert at our church...

and we came back to our house for supper and a little birthday party for our granddaughter, who turns 5 on Christmas Eve...

Mainly we've been dealing with the snowy, cold weather here. Here are some of the things we've done to fill our time:

Supposedly the severe weather will only last another couple of days. I have my shopping done (I think) and look forward to getting things wrapped. I'd like to bake a couple batches of cookies and do a few other little things, but mostly I'm very content this year to enjoy home, family, and friends for the holidays.

As Rebecca over at Life and Godliness has stated it so well, I want to keep this season sane, simple, and sacred. So far, so good!


Wanda..... said...

Loved the concentration on your granddaughter's face decorating the tree and polishing her toes. Then the grandson couldn't be cuter...eating his treats!

I'm ready for Christmas and enjoying all the snow too, along with family...just like you!

Pat said...

What a precious post! I love the pictures of the grands, they are so adorable!!
I can imagine how beautiful your house must look with all those wreaths and red ribbons, the backyard is so pretty with all that snow.
I'm going to venture out today..hope our roads are ok, I'm going to take it slow!

Rebecca said...

Your tree is wonderful (but then you had such good help)!

I really like those earrings, Jacquelyn! They are very attractive & look nice on YOU.

I didn't realize how much snow you guys got -- I mean, I knew it was more than us, but WOW.

Sure would like to see a picture of the front (outside) of you house. Wreaths in each window are one of my favorite decorations (I also like single candles in every window.) I have neither :)

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Looks like lots of fun to me! Wish I were closer to join in on the fun, especially the chocolate kind of fun!

Enjoy these days, friend, and stay warm. Have mercy... that is a lot of snow! My kids wouldn't know what to do with real snow. Over here, we just have a "threat" every now and again. They were really bummed today.


Jess said...

Loved all your ramblings and wonderful photos. This is will be an extra special Christmas for you.
Enjoy sweet friend!!!

Deborah Ann said...

It looks like you're off to a very memorable Christmas. Love the pics of the little ones!

Merry CHRISTmas Jacquelyn!