Apr 20, 2011

Thrifting for Therapy...

I'm still having a lot of fun with my new book, How To Never Look Fat Again.

I've been making more frequent than normal trips to the thrift stores to work on my wardrobe and yesterday was no exception.  My mom, one of my sisters, and I spent the entire day at thrift stores and consignment shops.  I'm pretending like I won the makeover on the What Not to Wear TV show but instead of using a $5000 credit card at the fancy stores in NYC, I'm staying within a reasonable budget that could only be stretched  by shopping at Salvation Army and the like!

My sister frequents a more upscale consignment shop in her town called Fashion Finds Boutique.  We spent several hours there yesterday.  The owner welcomed us as we came in the door an offered to take our jackets and umbrellas so we were more free handed while browsing around.    The building is a charming old house and every room is full of stylish, clean and "new" looking women's name brand clothing.  There are several dressing rooms and a large bathroom with mirrors, and even the side porch is full of accessories such as sunglasses, scarves, and jewelry.  Throughout the store the displays are very suggestive and draw you in to visualizing how you can put outfits together.  There is even a $5 room upstairs, where I found these great shoes.  Another room is full of formal wear.  

 I mostly concentrated on casual tops for summer...but I also found a lightweight cotton blazer with the stripes going vertically, which seem hard to find for some reason.   I'm also trying to be a little more "colorful" in my selections since I have so much black in my closet!  Brown is also a color I'm trying to get attached to, since it is popular right now...

Notice how I'm sticking to the "rules" with my V-Necks and 3/4 sleeves.  I hope it doesn't get too monotonous.  Finding pants, capris, skirts and dresses I expect to be a lot more challenging, so I will have to dedicate another day to looking for those.  

The only non-clothing items I purchased yesterday:

I'm really excited to have found this Brita UltraMax water dispenser for my refrigerator.  It is "new" and was still in the box at Goodwill.  Retailing for $41.99, I picked it up for $14.99.  It even came with one filter, which is worth about $6 itself.  It uses the same filters that I already use for my Brita pitcher, so that keeps it simple.  We try to drink filtered water whenever possible.

With it being Easter season and all, I couldn't resist paying $1 for this hardback book on rabbit collections put out by Country Living.  I don't know anything about vintage or antique bunnies, so I think it will be a lot of fun to read.

To ease my conscience for bringing more "stuff" into my house, I had a front porch full of bags and boxes that the AmVet truck picked up yesterday, and already this morning I cleaned out the foyer closet and have some things ready for the next time they come by.

So that's what I've been up to recently.  What about YOU?


Bernie said...

Love the peach and brown together and good for you, moving away from the black......I see so many young people even babies in black and find it so depressing. Your day was fun, so was mine as I met 2 girlfriends for lunch, had a doctor's appointment (all went well) then went shopping for a new spring jacket......:-)Hugs

Jess said...

Oh Jacque, what a fun Girls' Day out! I'm partial to the purple, which I know looks fabulous on you!
Meeting several new friends down here and trying to "find my way."
Easter Blessings! ((HUGS))

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

NOw you are a girl who knows how to have a great time! I think your idea of getting chic thrifting outfits is fabulous!!!!! ANd I love the idea of recycling what you no longer can use. It is the "thrifting circle of life".
So nice to stop by. I am very inspired!

Rebecca said...

That boutique in the old house sounds like MY kind of place! You found some really great pieces, Jacquelyn.

I've been postponing thrifting for clothes HOPING (desperately hoping) I could get back into last year's wardrobe. I don't think it's going to happen, so I need to bite the bullet.

We spent the day preparing the room for Abby & Titus - then later in the day went to pick them up. They're still sleeping this morning.

Big plans for the day :)

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

First, congratulations on the addition of two precious new grandbabies. They are gorgeous! Secondly, I need to shop with you and your sister. These finds are wonderful and perfect for stretching a diminishing budget! I won't buy many clothes this summer, but because of my weight gain over these past months, I need some shirts and a couple of capri pants. Then I'll be good to go!

Blessed Easter walk to you, sister. Blessed rest as well.


Diana said...

It seems that you hit "Pay Dirt" Jacquelyn! Very pretty tops! You made me laugh because I do the same thing when I thrift shop. Always get rid of some things when you bring more in the house! It's a good rule.
Love Di ♥