Aug 5, 2011

My week at a glance...

Sometimes at the end of the week I can't even remember what I did with my life.  I think that's why I get so caught up in documenting some of it before I totally forget!  Here's some meaningful-to-me events from the past 7 days:

❤Hubby and I attended a 50th wedding anniversary party for the parents of a friend of ours.  It was a casual, yet lovely get together and what a blessing to see another committed couple hang together through all of life's challenges.  Our friend played the piano and sang a song to honor her parents...

(photos enlarge when clicked)

❤Three of our grandchildren were in my care for about 27 hours this week, plus I had the baby an additional 6 hours.  I invited the granddaughter of someone I know to join us on Monday for 1/2 day too so Elylah could have a girl to play with for a change.  I don't do this for money, I do it for love.  And fun.  MY fun...

❤Some treasured grandchildren quotes of the week:

*Me: "Eva is really getting fat!"  Elylah:  "Yes Grandma.  Pretty soon she is going to be just like you!"

*Ethan:  "Grandma, can you take your skin off?"

*Ethan:  "Grandma, you have cracks in your eyes." Me:  "Cracks??"  Elylah: "Yes Grandma, those red lines."

❤I brought order to a small corner of our garage, yes I did!

❤On my day "off", hubby and I toured an inner city ministry that our church supports and we ate lunch at The Front Porch, their new cafe.  We are becoming more involved with local outreach and every time we go to one of these places my eyes get opened wider and my heart expands a little more, and I am humbled.  

❤I enjoyed sunny days and beautiful skies...

❤One day I pressed my mom into service and she and I took all three kids to my favorite Salvation Army store with the purpose in mind of finding some school clothes for Elylah, who starts Kindergarden later this month.  Then another day mom and I took just the baby and drove to a nearby city where a garage sale had advertised the required size 6 girls clothing.  We were not disappointed on either outing!  Name brand clothing in fantastic condition for roughly $1 per item.  Seriously she will be among the best dressed at her new school!

❤I enjoyed a breakfast outing with my friend who leaves next week to return to England.  We had a soul soothing time of sharing and prayer together.  (I forgot to take a new photo but here's a bad one from a couple of weeks ago...)

❤Other than this, not much going on around here!  What about you?


Judy said...

Looks like a rewarding week!
(My blog has become my short term memory.)

Diana said...

I don't think the photo is bad at all! And I love your new header photo. I'm hoping when my older daughter comes later this month we can work on mine.
I loved what your grandkids had to say. It's so funny what they come out with, I know!!
It is a great idea to blog about all of the things that you've been doing Jacquelyn, it is too easy for them to slip our minds!! Love Di ♥

Jess said...

I love ALL of your photos and the musings of a busy Grandma!

My week was much like the previous one, fighting a serious bronchial virus. Trying to be patient, since GOD has allowed this and has not lifted me out of it.

Your summer background is so vibrant and "sunny." You are such a blessing to many and I am privileged to call you FRIEND.

Love always~

Beth E. said...

Oh, my...I can see why you need to document everything! You are one busy lady!

Your grandchildren are adorable...the things they said to you cracked me up! lol