Aug 21, 2009

My latest trip to the flea market...

I took my mom and the the two grandkids I babysit to the flea market yesterday. We didn't get there as early as we should have, but there were still plenty of outdoor booths to shop, and there was a nice breeze which was a contrast to the 85-90 degree temps we've been having lately. Ethan was very happy to be pushed along in the stroller and Elylah was her normal 'happy shopper" self. All she really cared about was that she could get some popcorn, which she did!

Mom found a cute little "blue & white" *made in Thailand* tea pot for only $3 that is actually shaped like an elephant. She plans to give it to her friend who collects tea pots and who been going through some trying times lately.

Right off the bat I forked over $2 for this pewter cup. It was made by Royal Holland Daalderop Pewter and has old European style scenes in relief all around it. I think my son Andy in SC will really like it, so it goes to him.

Next, I spotted a set of pewter salt & pepper shakers. The guy wanted $10 for them, and I initially passed. We walked around for a while, and went down the fresh produce aisles and bought a couple things including a huge head of cabbage for $1. Then I decided I would try to find the man with the salt & pepper shakers again and I would go ahead and try to negotiate a deal. (smile)

Well, here they are. I couldn't, with a clear conscience, low ball him too much because I really liked these! So I just asked if he could "take anything less". He said he would take $9. Good enough for me this time. They were made by Wilton Pewter (PA) and I have a couple other pieces by that company.

After shopping and all that walking around, we treated ourselves to chicken dinners (with an Entertainment coupon of course) at a nearby restaurant which specializes in Belgrade (in the former Yugoslavia) style cooking. I always order "double" hot sauce when I go there, which is only maybe once a year...but oh so good!

It was a really nice day, and as always I enjoyed the grandchildren. Mom was happy to get out and walk around as she is still recovering from her surgery earlier in the month. Love these summer days, even if they are numbered!


Rose said...

How fun and great bargains! You know how much I like bargains! Sounds like you all had a wonderful day.

They call me Deb said...

And it sounds like you had a beautiful day (hot sauce and all). lol
These summer days are numbered - enjoy!

Pat said...

What a perfect afternoon, gentle breezes, bargins and good food...who could ask for anything more? Oh, and wonderful company, that's the best part!!
I love that salt and pepper shaker, there's no way to pick up the wrong one, just what I need with my old eyes!
Yes, our summer days are numbered, but they have been oh so wonderful!

Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

Your day sounded sweet and slow to me....just a nice & easy pace - no real agenda. Just spend the day in a casual way. Summer HAS been sweet and soon the pace will change along with temperatures and chores. We had more rain here yesterday. The clouds "burst" right after I transplanted a couple of hosta to fill out a flower bed my husband had enlarged for me several weeks ago...