Aug 7, 2009

some recent, random God things...

I'm presently taking a short break from yard work so I thought I'd jot down a couple things so I don't lose my little band of readership (big smile).

By the way, the zucchini casserole from last weekend turned out great and I'm secretly (even though I'm posting this is cyberspace!) hoping someone might give me some more squash so I can make more. It's so expensive to buy even in season if you don't have a garden, which I haven't for several years now. I'm thankful that my niece and sis-in-law shared their bounty with me last week.

It was good to visit with cousins last weekend. We sat around an outdoor table feasting and telling our parenting war-stories, and doing a whole lot of laughing. It was the 1st time we've ever really gotten together with these cousins socially where it wasn't a big extended family event. The two couples are younger than us, and we are flattered to have received the invitation. Families are a blessing and a gift from God. We will have an opportunity to support both these couples in the near future with various life events they are experiencing. That feels good.

This past Monday, my 80 yr old mom had carotid artery surgery. She is resting at home and so far, doing very well. As a testimony to the goodness of the Lord, I need to tell you that her 90% blockage in an artery that goes directly to the brain was discovered quite by "accident". Mom had the back of her neck x-rayed recently because of arthritis pain. Something totally unrelated to the arthritis showed on the x-ray, which led to an ultrasound, which led to a specialist and a CT scan, which led to surgery. When your surgeon says "God was in this one" you do believe it! Mom had absolutely no symptoms that anything was out-of-order, and this was caught before there was a major disaster. Praise the Lord!

I made a large lasagna with my "award-winning" sauce for mom and my siblings the night she got home from the hospital, and there was actually enough stuff left to make another 9 x 13 pan additional lasagna, so I did. I just put it in the fridge unbaked for the night till I decided what to do with it. I just had one of those "feelings" that I was supposed to give it away. Sure enough, early the next morning when I checked my e-mail, a friend in our couple's group had put out a request for meals for a friend of hers who just had serious back surgery. So I was able to wrap & freeze the lasagna until it was needed, which is today. I really don't believe in "coincidences", do you?

I had my precious little charges three days this week, and loved each and every moment. We are continuing to enjoy the nice wooden swing set in our backyard that some friends from our church gave us last year. That was, literally, an answer to prayer. I'd seen those things all over the neighborhood but with very few children playing on them. I didn't want to be quilty of coveting, but I did ask the Lord to help me find a used one for cheap since I could really use one for the grandkids. One day I was helping this friend with her garage sale as they had sold their house and were moving. I noticed the swing set in the backyard and asked if the new owners wanted it. They did not, and so there was my answer to prayer! All we had to do was rent a truck to get it to our house, get a little help from a friend, and purchase new swings & slide. This probably sounds strange, but to me it was a big deal. How well I remember that we couldn't afford a swing set when our kids were little, and now I get to watch the grandkids play from my kitchen window!

Well, I just noticed the time and my little break turned into an back to pulling weeds and some raking. Nice to visit with you. I hope you will also look for the little ways that God shows up in our lives on a daily basis. And please take time to share that. Have a great day...and as one of my friends always adds "enjoy each moment, every day is a gift".

Here's my mom and two of my grandchildren enjoying the swingset last summer when we first got it set up...That's Elylah and Deacon, who are two months to the day apart in age.


Wanda said...

I myself would never forget you Jacquelyn...I have you listed in my favorites and your post just pops up in my reader.

That's good news about your mom...hope she does well.

My g/daughter Katie and g/son Grant were born 18 days apart, and I babysat them till they entered school. They are still close...16 yrs. old now...

This was my first summer of not babysitting any grandchildren...all but 2 are teenagers or older...Enjoy their cuteness Jacquelyn!


Anonymous said...

What a joy to have spent such a pleasant time with your family. And what a story to tell about how God was so lovingly looking after your mother!! I praise the Lord with you.
And the lasagna proves that God is God and He cares so much for your friend's friend with the back surgery that He prompted you to help even when you didn't realize why you were helping when you made it).
The swingset seems to be just a beautiful bonus that speaks, "I know the desires of your heart".
This post is so packed with God's love and His care that I can't wait to hear what pulling weeds revealed!!! (hee hee)
Thank you so much for sharing all of this. Very precious.

Pat said...

Oh how sweet it is to take a moment ..or an think on the blessings we have. Yours touched my heart.
That zucchini casserole sounds so good, and I just happen to have several zucchini's I just picked from the garden - another blessing!
What a miracle God provided for your Mother. Without his grace and mercy that could have had a very different and no so happy ending. He is so faithful!
He even gave you a way to have a swing set...he withholds nothing from his children.
Sweet, sweet sweet!

Jacquelyn said...

Would you believe the next day my daughter-in-law passed on 3 big zucchinis that her mom gave her and she didn't want! Thanks for all the comments...God is good! All the time!