Sep 11, 2009

a change of heart...

I was going to be a whiner today and write just these words to explain why I'm so behind in my posting this week: "mom, babysitting, sciatic nerve"

Then I saw a post on Facebook by an old friend of mine who I grew up with. So until I get a chance to catch up with myself, I will leave this for you to ponder as well:

As I was leaving the rec center today after working out, I saw a man with no legs sitting beside the door in his wheelchair. I said "hi, how are you?" and he replied, "I can't complain". Made me think...

Made me think too, Cheri. Thanks for the wake-up call.

"The fear of the Lord leads to life: Then one rests content, untouched by trouble." Proverbs 19:23


Rose said...

Oh wow, now that is a humbling statement. Thank you for sharing it. Too late for me to backtrack on my grumbling today, but most definitely something I can reflect on.

Anonymous said...

Awww Jacquelyn,
I hope you're feeling better. I know how sciatica can hurt, and how as a woman you still have obligations and have to keep going.
Aren't we so grateful that God sends us those little messages that put things into perspective for us?

Pat said...

Ouch...sciatica can really get the best of you, very painful indeed. My prayers are with you.
The other half I heard of that comment is:
"I can't complain...well I could, but no one wants to hear it"...that really sums it up for me! Nobody wants to hear a constant complainer, but sometimes we do need to share, which is totally different then complaining..I know because I "share" quite a bit! LOL!
Hope you feel better soon!!

Jacquelyn said...

Thank you Rose, Deb, and Pat. The other part of this message is I hope that I would also even take the time to speak to the fellow sitting there in the wheel chair as my friend did. What did it cost her, and look how many were blessed!