Sep 12, 2009

Introducing my 2nd blog...

Good morning, friends...

Yes, I know. I don't have my pictures posted yet from last weekend. I'm getting there...check again soon! I'm trying like crazy to figure out how to get my grandson's video up so you can hear him sing his Z to A's !!!!!

I would also like to invite you to follow my new blog which is dedicated to my dad. You can now find it at

Could one of you more adept bloggers email me with instructions on how to reference both blogs on the sidebars, and also I would like my profile to be accessed by just clicking my picture instead of having it shown on the front page. I'd really appreciate the help. I've already spent way too many hours trying to learn how to do formatting!

We have a very busy weekend here, and will be doing some things I hope to tell you about next week.
Please know that even if I don't always comment, I'm reading you all as much as I can and thoroughly enjoying getting to know you all better.

Many blessings on your day,

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Jacquelyn,
I Emailed you with the instructions. I hope you can decipher them. If you need further explanation or any more help, let me know!