Oct 28, 2009

Please meet my friend, Amy

Amy is one of my newer, younger friends. I met her through friends who have known Amy all her life. I'm so happy that our paths have crossed, as Amy is one of those rare people we get to know in life who bless us with their sweet spirit and zeal for living.

Amy grew up in a town next door to mine. She's now a graduate student at nearby Kent State University and lives in a dorm there. She has found her passion, children's library science, and is working hard on her master's degree. She's already written her first book and just needs to get it illustrated and published.

As exuberant as she is and as much as she sparkles, Amy has had some challenges in her life that most of us will never know anything about. When she was just very young, she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Most of her life she has been in a wheel chair. She will be the first to tell you how fortunate she is to have a loving family who have cared for her needs and challenged her to develop her skills and talents. In fact, Amy's mom is a special education teacher, so she has unique insights and gifts that have undoubtedly helped tremendously.

In the past few years, Amy has been attending our church with our mutual friends, (Hudson Community Chapel, www.hudsonchapel.org). She has chosen, as a young adult, to become a follower of Jesus Christ, and she desired to be baptized now that she has come to a living Christian faith of her own. This event happened on September 20 of this year. Because Amy desires to share with others how God has worked in her life, she was agreeable to my posting her personal testimony, which she gave to a large congregation that day, as well as some pictures.

Amy's testimony:

Hi, my name is Amy Price.

I’m a 24 year old Master’s student at Kent State. I come from one of THE MOST loving families in the world. I haven’t seen the whole world, but anyone who knows us observes the same. My parents were raised in households which practiced opposite faiths. Before having children, they agreed practicing religion would be the choice of the child. Our motto, “Treat others the way I want to be treated!”

I grew up knowing the unconditional love of my family and friends, but still imposing a standard of perfectionism upon myself, I’d think, I know my family loves me, but I don’t know why!

In 2007, I was invited to HCC. I did not know what to expect, but was encouraged remembering a conversation my mom had with me years ago. She told me that as a teacher she sees God in the face of her Special Education students daily. The words of Singer Johnny Diaz became more clear with each visit here to HCC. Johnny reminds us all: “You were made to fill a purpose only you can do! There can never be a more beautiful you!!

After 4 months of attending regularly, I asked to be involved in the Children’s Ministry. One can learn so much through the eyes of a child! Before I started helping, I asked Jesus into my heart; if I tell kids, “Trust GOD NO MATTER WHAT!” I SHOULD KNOW THE SAME JOY!

Since I’ve known Christ, I realize faith is trust and relationship with him, not worry and ritual. I choose to be baptized today to declare publicly, Jesus is my Savior!

Amy reading her testimony during the Sunday morning baptismal service

Just before being baptized, Pastor Paul Wides prays for Amy

Pastor Joe Coffey with Amy after the service

Amy's life long friends, Barbara and Michael Ammirati


Anonymous said...

What an inspiring story!!!

Jacquelyn said...


Jennifer said...

I actually sat down to read it. Glad I did. She seems so sweet!

Jacquelyn said...

Hi Jennifer...Amy is so anxious to meet you and have her Chinese friend meet us as well. I put the dates out...and she'll get back to us :)

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

God's peace and joy be Amy's as you moves into her future with the hope and promise of Jesus living within!

Beautiful witness.


Jess said...

Oh Jacque, you are NOT going to believe this!!!
First of all, I rejoice with precious Amy over her journey with our Awesome God, the LORD JESUS CHRIST.
Secondly, I am a close friend of Pastor Roland, Pastor Joe's father! (And we have been praying diligently for Roland and Joan since his illness a couple of weeks ago.)
I am so tickled with this Florida/Ohio connection!
Isn't it just like God to bring you and me together in cyberspace!

Pastor Roland actually donated blood to me before my bilateral knee replacement in April 2003.
So, I feel a real kinship with him.
He served alongside my husband here in Central Florida from 2000 until 2006, I think.

Anyway, you are blessed to have the leadership of Pastor Joe and the incredible insights that God gives him.
Maybe if we ever get up there to see the Coffeys, we could meet.
How about that???
Love in the Lamb ~

Jacquelyn said...

Dear Elaine, thanks so much. It will encourage Amy to see these comments! I'm so blessed she allowed me to share her story! Blessings you way!

Jacquelyn said...

Jess, wow, this is nothing short of amazing! Please come to Ohio! We have a spare room for you to stay in. Any friend of the Coffey's are friends of ours! I have something I will send you through email...do you know that Joe Coffey has a blog? Go to the Hudson Chapel website and click on "Coffey talk"...I am so "wowed" that we have this connection. What are the chances, except that God ordained it?! wow!

Jess said...

Jacque, I was so excited about our "Coffey" connection!
Couldn't fall a sleep last night.
I kept checking your blog.
Now I see that you were up late as well.
We would love to come to Ohio for a visit...maybe next spring.
My hip replacement is scheduled for end of December, so I need to get through THAT. =(

Sending my love and prayers ~

Jacquelyn said...

Hi Jess, I thought I had your email but couldn't find it. Could you email me at Jacque481@aol.com?

My d-i-l and two of my grands arrived last night about 6:30 pm from SC...just here a couple days :(

So I'm totally wired right now! :) :)

Talk soon!

Pat said...

I'm so pleased to "meet" beautiful Amy! What a great testimony to share and I can only imagine the impact she will have on many lives...young and old!

Jacquelyn said...

Pat, Amy's world is expanding every day! She is just bubbling over with joy and it is soooo contagious!

Rebecca said...

Amy's story is a great encouragement to me. I love these examples of the family of God surrounding a new believer and BECOMING family to one another.

And yes, there were garage sales last weekend! The one we went to had an electric pot of hot cider going. It WAS quite chilly.

Jacquelyn said...

Rebecca, the "song" goes on over at www.mistressofmydomain.blogspot.com with a post I just put up...

We had a little bit of snow and rain here for a few minutes today. I don't think I'll be seeing any more garage sales till spring...but oh I like that hot cider idea!