May 7, 2010

Dear blogger friends, all...

Especially to Shirley, Brenda, Jess, Rose, Patrina, Rebecca, Wanda, Pat & Jamey who took the time to comment on my last post. I thank you all for those heartfelt thoughts and words. I appreciate each and every one of you and I felt like we were all sitting around a table, enjoying coffee and conversation. (Oh if that would ever be possible, how wonderful would that be!)

I do not consider blogger friendships to be "virtual" because they are really real! We may not have met in person, but we have shared our days and parts of our real lives with each other. When my hubby and I took a day trip recently to Northwest Ohio, I knew I was very close to Rebecca's stomping grounds, for example, and she was on my mind throughout that day! God can use methods we can't even conceive of to brighten our days and bless us in so many little ways. And blogger friendships have blessed me more than I can even begin to describe.

I thank you all for giving me "permission" to prioritize my days as I need to without having to feel like a failure for not keeping up with blogging the way my heart would take me if I let it run wild!

I never thought it would be like this when I got into my '60's...But my husband still works a full-time job an hour from home, which translates into 12 hour days for him, and precious little time for us to share on a daily basis.

As you know, I have the two grandchildren here 3 days a week. I don't try to do much of anything else when they are here except fully devote myself to them. From comments I have heard from those of you whose grands have grown up already, I'm getting the picture that grandparenting is much like parenting in the respect that those precious formative years are fleeting, and I want to make the most of every minute I have with them.

With part of our family living in South Carolina, we are constantly looking to the "next" time we can be together...which it looks like my daughter-in-love will bring the boys up here around Memorial Day! So more busyness coming up, but I will live intentionally through every moment of it and savor it like, uh, sweet tea!

My mom, who is 81 now, is facing more challenges as she continues to deal with widowhood, macular degeneration, forgetfulness, an increasing number of doctor appointments, and frustration at not being able to drive any longer. A good chunk of my time now goes to helping her get around. I'm grateful I am in a position to do this for her in spite of the physical and emotional components that go along with looking out for aging parents. Someone told me recently that "you'll never regret anything you do for your parents" and I know I feel that way about my dad, who has been gone for two years now. It is such a blessing not to have to live with regrets.

So it all brings me back to where I started originally with this blog: my life in the sandwich generation! While some have told me I don't "have" a life, I prefer to say, "this IS my life." And I thank you one and all for sharing it with me. God bless you!


Anonymous said...

Oh my, Hon! You DO have a full plate! I would rather hear from you a post from you occasionally...than have you 'close up shop' and never post. Seriously, it's not about US. It's about YOU and YOUR needs. If we feel any other way, then we really need to examine our own motives and whether we are truly extending a Christian hand of friendship to you. God bless you! Now, take care of YOU!!!

Wanda said...

Jacquelyn, you need never to worry about how often you post. My blog has evolved from short posts every other day to long ones about 10 days apart sometimes, although the intention is once a week.

After 22 years, last year was my last to babysit grandkids, I did it five days a week, for 6 of them at their different ages, having 2 or 3 here usually! Most likely, blogging would not have been easy, at least until they were older.

As you know, all 9 are able to walk here from their homes. Blogging still gets interrupted, that's why my posts are far between sometimes, I love spending time with them, I take every chance I there won't be any regrets!

I have a blogging friend (Sue @ A Few Things I Know For Sure) that only comments and posts every few months, I'm her only follower, it works for her! :)


Pat said...

I'm so glad to hear you feel the release not to worry about how often you blog. True frienship, which is what bloggers feel, is always there, no matter how often we meet.
I'm 62, my husband is retired, my parents have passed away, and my grands are grown..this is the next season of my life. I have to admit, this is the most difficult so far, but I think I've said that every season! LOL! I actually see time flying by like turning the pages in a book, and I see my own mortality. But, I do know who holds all my tomorrows and there is such peace and joy in knowing!!
Sending hugs & friendship!

Jess said...

Jacque, my Precious Friend -

I am at a loss to add anything to the lovely posts that preceed this. Truly our LORD has blessed you will great friendships! Though separated by miles, and lacking a shared history, we have benefited by this incredible technology that enables us to join our hearts in cyberspace, praising GOD for His Goodness and Plans.
I cherish any post HE leads you to write and truly understand your time constraints. Your precious Mother and priceless Grands need your attention, and you are will never regret the time and focus you invest in their lives.
Praying that we will meet someday for a HUG. Have you seen the movie "Julie and Julia"? There is a short scene where Julia Childs meets her pen pal of several years for the first time. Maybe we will be so blessed. Mi Casa es Tu Casa.
Come on down to Orlando. You have a guest room waiting!
Love in the Lamb, Jess

Sonja said...

I am so glad you stopped by and visited. I hopped back over here, and see you have FOUR blogs!! I'll have to check that out. I barely keep one going. The beauty is... you can come and go according to how it all fits into your lifestyle.
I have met so many incredible new friends through blogging. I also love how much I am learning by reading some of these blogs.We are all in this race together and the encouragement means so much!
I'll be back to visit and please come back and see me too.

Happy Mothers Day!


Patrina said...

Wanted to wish you a Happy Mother's day!

glad you're not going to quit blogging. Nice to here that you value our friendships. I do too. time is the problem. And summer time is my time to be out doors. So, I'll see less of you in this season - but more of you inthe next. I'm finally learning to relax with this blogging thing too. the one's that realy care, will always be here.

Take care and enjoy dthe grandkids..I have 2 that live 5 blocks away... We are very close. It is a very opportune time to spend so much time with them... I am helping them grow and mature into beautiful people. Had I not moved here to be with them a year ago...I would have missed knowing them as I do and they wouldn't be as open to my influence - if they were older. It's God's perfect timing that I am here at this specific time in their lives.

I'm with you... don't let the moments fade...savor them while you can... it makes all the differnce in their lives - later down the road.

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day Jacquelyn!!!

Jacquelyn Stager said...

Dear friends, you have blessed me here more than I could ever express. I love this media that allows us to share our hearts and lives in this way. I think I have made it around to all of your blogs and I thank you once again for your friendship. Together we are a more beautiful reflection of God's love than any one of us can be individually. I find that to be such a comforting and amazing thought. I appreciate all of you!! Thank you, as Shirley so aptly expressed it, for extending that hand of friendship when I was feeling so down on myself for not "keeping up". I'm so touched that you cared enough to reach out. I love you all! Jacquelyn

Patrina said...

@ Jacquelyn

you know, Jacquelyn, that's why I be an encouragement to others and to share God's love... and to be encouraged by others like you... Thanks be to God for His indescribable gifts in each of us that we might be the hands and feet of Jesus to each other - and a dark and lost world.

I was so blessed by these words you scribed on my bridge...with your sturdy the hands of God...

"And how wonderful that they ARE a flower that can be divided and shared...just like the love our Father gives."

That is exactly what they represent! Thank you for this added missing piece!! WOW!! All I knew was the Glory of God in them as He provided their appearance on Mother's Day - the last day of my tedious 2 month continual heart service to my mom and dad!

I had planned on dividing them with my children and grandchildren, but you gave me the extended purpose in your word picture here... they are indeed representation of how the LOVE of our Father is to be divided and shared!! How prophetic those words are for that specifc post. Thank you!

You have made my day!! My pä·thakh' has come again!!
God bless you, Jacquelyn with a never ending week...of God's FAVOR!

Patrina <")>><
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