May 13, 2010

what's up with Jacque?

Thought I'd post something different and just give a snapshot of what's been going on with me lately...

We attended a Tea Party in Akron...This was something a little out of character for us, but we wanted to see what it was all about, and we found it to be very inspiring. There were a couple of really good speakers, a surprising amount of "God talk", and a keynote speaker, Ilona Trommier, an immigrant/citizen who was born and raised in Communist Hungary, who brought tears to my eyes.

My hubby and I took a day recently to spend some quality time together, and we drove a couple hours to Archbold, Ohio where we visited Sauder Village. Since the official opening of the season was still several days away, this potter, Mark Nafziger, had time to show us around and inspired us with his talent. I bought one of these beautiful oil candles that he made.

The ladies in our small group hosted a baby shower for the daughter-in-law of one of us. I was in charge of deciding the menu, and we all contributed. We had chicken salad sandwiches on mini croissants, fresh veggies and dill dip, fresh fruit cups drizzled with key lime yogurt, cake, lemonade, coffee and tea.

This is our 2010 Lichi-Vitale Family Reunion planning committee meeting which was held at our house. My hubby is missing from the picture because he was snapping it. We have a reunion every two years, and this year we are in a "transition" as the oldest (greatest) generation has handed down the responsibilities to the next one. We usually have about 75 in attendance, and it is held in our home town, nearby Cuyahoga Falls.

Our small group hosted "Mexican Night", an appreciation dinner for the junior high workers at our church. We got to use a condominium party room and we had the tables decorated appropriately...we served creamy chicken burritos, taco salad, rice, beans, and "fake" margaritas, as well as chips & salsa appetizers. As servers, we all dressed in black pants and white shirts, and the guys wore sombreros while the gals wore colorful matching sashes.

We bought this sandbox and 200# of sand for the grandkids to play in. Our neighbors must think we are nuts, at this stage of our lives. We put up a nice wooden swingset last year that was given to us for free! Since I have these two here three days a week, it is nice to have fun things for them to do right in my own backyard.

We took Elylah to the Ohio Ballet's production of Sleeping Beauty at the historic Civic Theater in Akron. She brought a little giggle to the people behind us when she said softly, but loud enough to be heard, "Grandma, please promise me he will kiss her and she will wake up!"

We continue to volunteer at our local furniture bank, CORE, once a month, and I maintain a blog for them, posting once a week. You can see it here. The photo in the header is a picture of a house that belonged to my great-grandparents for years.

I am also documenting a little history of my father and his roots, what we know of them. I hope to publish it in a small book at some point, probably with one of the on-line publishing companies. You can see it here. The above photo is of my paternal grandparents with their first three children, and grandma is expecting the fourth. My father was number 5 of 8.

Ethan and I are off now to take Elylah to pre-school and perhaps run a few errands. Life is good. I am overwhelmed with blessings.

"From the fullness of His grace have we all received one blessing after another."
~~John 1:16


Rebecca said...

You have definitely been busy, Jacque. It was nice to actually SEE some of your activities! Helps me visualize your "life between the buns"!

Your granddaughters comment was SO sweet. Made me chuckle, too.

Anonymous said... that I've read about your life, I'm tired :D Busy woman! BUsy woman!

Jess said...

So FUN to see some snaps of your life! I am so impressed with the many ways your small group blesses the Body of Christ at your church!
Gives me some ideas to approach our group with. =)
Wish I could come play in your sand box and enjoy your Grands with you!!!
Have a wonderful day. ((Hugs))

Dar said...

So, When do you rest. My, you put me to shame. Bless Your Hearts.
When you get ready to publish your family history, check out your local Kinko's...they did my Dads stories and it turned out very nice on wonderful papers.
Have another memorable day

Judy said...

I LOVE your grand daughter's comment!

Jackie said...

Hey Jacque!

Wow! You are one busy gal!! Loved seeing all the photo's of your busy-ness.....From Tea Partying to the ballet....luv it!

Oh, and Elylah's comment, priceless!!

Have an abundantly blessed week!

He is Faithful!