May 10, 2010

A different kind of Mother's Day...

We didn't plan it, but mom, Rachel, has on a "#1 mom" charm that I gave her years ago, and I have on a "Proverbs 31 woman" pin on that she gave me years ago! Mom is 81...doesn't look it, does she?

What I really wanted for Mother's Day this year was just a little "down time"...often family "events" happen at our place, and I love it, but this year I just wanted a no-obligation kind of day. I mentioned it to my hubby, and we came up with a "different" kind of plan...

We decided to take our mothers, both widows who live in the same condo building just a few minutes away, out to dinner on Saturday night, to a nice place about 50 miles away. My mother-in-law was then free to have dinner on Sunday with a friend who has no family, my mom was free to be with some of her other kids, and I was free to just take the day as it came.

My hubby, Bob, and his mom, Olena. I thought she looked exceptionally pretty at 83.

I was trying to get a shot of the beautiful restaurant, but it was too dark in there. It is called Brio's...a Tuscan style Italian restaurant. We had a great time and the food was SO GOOD! We took our time, just like the Italians do, and started with appetizers and ended with dessert. taking my Mother's Day as it came, without any obligations or set plans...

On Sunday I sat in church with my younger son and his family...and then our granddaughter wanted to come home with us. It was a chilly but sunny day so I had an idea of where we would take her after we came home and had a simple sandwich for lunch.

Before we took off, my son in South Carolina gave me a call and we chatted for a little while.

Then we went to a nearby park where Elylah enjoyed the playground...

And I knew we could find this:

Next we drove to another park...and look what we found...someone else enjoying Mother's Day!!!

Before heading back home, we made a stop at Barnes & Noble where we used a gift card to buy some coffee, milk, and cookies...and I read a book about how to be a princess to Elylah. Back at our house, Elylah had a bath and I tucked her into bed. We were all asleep by 9:30!

I don't think this is how I would want to celebrate Mother's Day every year, but it seemed to be just what I needed this year. I enjoyed every moment and I know I'm just as loved as if we had a big cook-out here like we did last year. And I thank my hubby for being such a good sport all weekend and supporting my need for down time.

And I thank God for the blessing of motherhood!


Anonymous said...

That's what we did this year. We all met at a restaurant and relaxed and then were able to relax yesterday.

Rebecca said...

What a great day for you...My husband also respects my wishes for quiet days like this. I think the Sat. night meal was a terrific idea - the Italian way to enjoy the food & company.

Re. cell phone pictures, yes, I have a gadget...just a little disk that inserts into phone and then into computer. HOWEVER, my husband's does NOT have this option(we found out too late). He has had little success with the skimpy phone plan we have in downloading them into his blog. They can sell you this little disk at your cell phone co. or you can save $$ and get it at Meijer or WalMart, etc. It's all I use and comes in SO handy.

Jess said...

Oh Jacque,
What a perfect weekend! Happy Mother's Day to such a precious daughter, mother, grandmother and friend!
Your mothers are indeed gorgeous and so youthful! And I LOVE beating the crowds and celebrating the night before. Tony and I actually drove 2 hours (each way) to eat with my Dad and sibling since our mothers are in Heaven and our children are far away. It worked, but I wouldn't want to repeat it.

Sending my love always and wishing we lived closer =(
Have a blessed week sweet Lady.

Jacquelyn Stager said...

Friends, Going out the night before seems to have been a good idea...both moms are still talking about it! (And I'm still craving the delicious lasagna I had!) Thanks for commenting...