Sep 20, 2010

A Nine day adventure... part two: Sunday

Here we are having our
breakfast in the beautiful
conference center's dining room. It was great not to have to wander around looking for a place to eat.

Our son suggested a nearby church we would enjoy visiting where his friend is the pastor. It was only a few miles away so we did just that...

We love beautiful, old downtown church buildings...

And especially when they house a thriving congregation...

We were delighted to find it was a communion Sunday, and since we arrived early, I took a picture of this beautiful scene. God's people are where you find them, and we sat next to a friendly woman whose name, appropriately, was "Dixie"!

After church, we stopped at a local grocery and bought enough food to last a couple of days. Andy's family would arrive in the mid afternoon, and I made us a simple spaghetti supper. It had been two months since we saw each other, so we just flopped out for a while at the Love Shack...

and then found our way to the North Carolina Apple Festival, which is held every Labor Day weekend in Hendersonville...

It was a beautiful day with mild temperatures in the '70's and a hint of fall in the air, which the locals were delighting in after a summer of unrelenting heat. We sampled yummy apples, apple slushes, fried apple pies, and visted all kinds of vendor booths. The festival sprawled up and down Main Street, and was a bunch of good, down-home fun!

Next ~~ all play on Labor Day!

(Note: Five Aspects of Woman Series in progress at my other blog, Scroll back to Aug. 29 and read forward)


Wanda..... said...

We have the same style brick work in an old Presbyterian Church here, although it is now part of the Lumber's used for displays. Nothing beats an apple festival, although honey and corn festivals have great treats too! Your grandsons are really growing fast, Jacquelyn. Nice to have a long visit, I'm sure!

Rebecca said...

This past Sat. & Sun. was Fort Wayne's Johnny Appleseed Festival--one of the most wholesome and interesting festivals I've ever attended! (We didn't go.)

Long story.

One time I drove with a neighbor to visit my brother & sister-in-aw in N.C. She drove a little further to Hendersonville where she was raised!

Seeing you guys here makes me look forward to meeting you. We'll like each other :)

Pat said...

I love this trip! Your pictures are great, I especially love the one with your grandson without a sweet! Reminds me of when my grandsons were that size.
No amount of money could buy this kind of happiness!

Jess said...

Ohhhh, the blessing of FAMILIES!
We are so very blessed!
Thank You JESUS for the love you pour into our hearts for those closest to us!
You all look GREAT.
So glad that you had such a precious opportunity.
Love you. =)