Sep 28, 2010

A Nine Day Adventure...Part Four: a relaxing day for just the two of us.

Andy and Ellie and the boys left the Love Shack on Tuesday morning after helping to tidy things up. We stayed a little longer to wash and dry the sheets and towels we had used. We had no idea how to thank our benefactors for allowing us the use of their home for three days, so I wrote them a thank you note and left it on the kitchen counter with a bottle of Rodeo Red, our favorite Ohio wine.

So, we said "good-bye" to the Love Shack, but before we drove the two hours to Andy's and Ellie's home in Rock Hill, SC, we spent some time at the home of Carl Sandburg in Flat Rock, NC near Hendersonville, which is a National Historic Site. Among other things Sandburg is known for, he was a Pulitzer prize winning biographer of Abraham Lincoln.

This photo was taken from quite a distance away, as the home is located on 30 acres and while only 1/3 mile up the road, has an elevation of 110 feet. And we walked it. Here are some of the views along the way:

We signed up for a tour, and while we waited we planned to walk around the grounds. That's when I saw THIS sign:

Thankfully, we didn't see any black bears, but we were surprised to see these:

We learned that Mrs. Sandburg, whose name was Lillian, raised champion dairy goats. Descendants of her prized herds live on the farm today. I really never knew there were so many breeds of goats! Some more of my favorite shots are these:

By the time we finished visiting the goats, we were ready for the house tour. I'm not sure what we were expecting, but we were pretty amazed at what we saw! Not only was every room in the house filled with hundreds of books, old typewriters, and magazines, things were on display pretty much as they were when the Sandburg's lived there, and everything was quite unpretentious...

The kitchen actually reminded us of our own childhoods!

The Sandburg's lived in this home from 1945 until 1967 when he died...and he wrote about a third of his works while living here. It was interesting.

After stopping in the gift shop, where I bought (what else?) a couple books, we left the Sandburg home and stopped to eat a late lunch, then headed to our real destination of this whole trip! Andy and Ellie would be leaving that night, and we would be on our own with the two boys for the next four days!

Next ~~ A very special time with two very special grandchildren!

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Crown of Beauty said...

I studied about Carl Sandburg in school and have actually read some of his works. So this is really such an interesting post for me to read!

Wow, what lovely pictures you have taken. Thank you so much for sharing.

It is a delight to read your posts. So personal, and so honest with what you share with your readers.

I did enjoy my time here today. Hopefully I can read back to the beginning of your nine day adventure. Will be back!


Rebecca said...

I'm going to put this on my "must do" list for the next time we go to N.C.

I think I may have a mixer just like the one in Carl's kitchen!

And, oh my! The books! So happy to see a comfortable chair perched right in front of the bookshelves. I'm imagining myself spending some hours there just exploring the shelves!

Do you remember what the fee was to tour? (I'm sure I could "google" it...)

Pat said...

What a wonderful tour, I really enjoyed coming along with you, but I'd also like to see it in person!
It actually looks more "grand" from the exterior. I found that true of President Eisenhower's home in Gettysburg, PA. I love to see the homes of famous people, especially historically famous.
There's so much to see out there!