Sep 15, 2010

A nine day adventure...part one: The Love Shack

We'd been planning a trip to South Carolina to visit our kids and grandkids there...but we had no agenda other than being with them...and we knew we would be watching the two kids and the dog for four of those days as their parents went away to a church-related event. Our son, being a new but very personable pastor, has a lot of connections, and he asked a church member if we could use his little "love shack" in the mountains for the Labor Day weekend. Apparently he loans it out frequently and Andy and Ellie have used it before. Now what are the chances it would be available for the last summer holiday of the year? But it was, and the owner graciously loaned it to us!
The private property we would use is located on the grounds of a conference center that is owned by our son's denomination. It is called "Bonclarken," which, according to Andy, is a "made up" Latin compound word: Bon (good) clar (clear) ken (vision). It is located in Flat Rock, N.C. (Apparently there are two "Flat Rocks" in N.C. -- this one is up in the Blue Ridge Mountains and it took us 10 hours to drive there.) We depended on Dora, our faithful GPS, to get us there, and she did!

We turned onto the road and saw this inviting view...

And then we saw this beautiful sign:

It really was quite a "treasure hunt" as we were told the key to the house would be in an envelope with our name on it, tacked to a bulletin board in a hallway outside the offices of the conference center.

We found it with no problem, and to our surprise, tucked inside was a map of the grounds, and two tickets that our son had provided for us for Sunday morning breakfast at the conference center dining room. There were a couple of retreats going on, and and so there was a buffet available.

We had no idea what to expect, and we were on our own Saturday night as Andy and his family would meet up with us on Sunday afternoon. (It is a two hour drive from their home in Rock Hill, S.C.) We certainly didn't expect to open the door and see such a beautiful, immaculate place that was graciously loaned to us, strangers, for three nights!

I fell in love with this antique bed as soon as I saw it, so this was the bedroom we choose to use. There was also a loft with a queen bed, and a finished basement with bunk beds for the kids.

So after the long drive and getting our things into the house, we drove out to a fast food place to get some supper and got back before it was totally dark. It was all pretty surreal.

Next ~ Sunday morning breakfast & church, Andy's family arrives, and the Hendersonville Apple Festival!

(Note: Five Aspects of Woman Series in progress at my other blog, Scroll back to Aug. 29 and read forward)


Rebecca said...

I'm burning with "shack envy"! I don't think you were so very far from my brother's home. Whenever we have vacation time, it seems we head in that direction! I'm so eager to see/hear about the rest of your time.

What a lovely spot to begin!

Wanda..... said...

Beautiful get-a-way spot Jacquelyn!
Flat Rock must be a popular name...we have one here, but it's just an outcropping of rocks causing a small waterfall.

^..^Corgidogmama said...

How inviting, and what a great place for respite and renewal!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Jacquelyn,
so very good to hear from you hon.
We are doing well, still waiting on the Lord. He has gotten a few calls but nothing panned out!! He is working towards a business of his own, as we feel that is what the Lord is calling him to, or at least that is what we think at this point, so time will tell.
Wow, what a lovely cabin, and what a wonderful treat that was!! So nice of whoever loaned it to you.
What a blessing, and Adventure as well!!
Love that bed too, so pretty!!
Hope you had a wonderful visit with your grandchildren and hope you had some time to visit with your adult children too.
Now I know why I haven't seen anything come up for you on my dash board lately. I will have to go check out your new blog when I get the chance. Looking forward to it.
Hope you have a great weekend hon,
Blessings, Nellie
Looking forward to part 2 of the Love shack baby!! lol

Pat said...

Love shack indeed!
How charming, it just has "relax" written all over it!
I can't wait to read part 2 of this story, it's gonna be good, I just know it!

Kaye - SandwichINK for grandparents and caregivers said...

How delightful! What a sweet gift from God and family. :) And I'm with you - that bed is gorgeous. It brings back sweet family memories of my grandmother's bed. :)