Oct 7, 2010

A NINE DAY ADVENTURE...Part Five: four awesome days with two awesome grandkids!

Continuing my musings about our trip to SC in early September, I'm feeling a little emotional as I remember our sweet but all too short time with two of our grands, Deacon, age 4 and Owen, age 2. While we do get to see them every couple of months, it's just not the same as if we lived nearby, and any grandparent in this situation knows exactly what I mean.

Andy and Ellie left late on Tuesday night to do their thing, and the boys were already in bed. Wednesday morning was the first day of Pre-School and so that was extra-exciting as we all got up, got dressed, got breakfast, and got them to the church. They were all smiles, and we told them we'd be back in three hours to pick them up.

I'm a firm believer that "routine" works best for children...and so we tried to have a rhythm to the four days so they would know what to expect. Deacon went to Pre-School Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings, and Owen just went on Wednesday and Friday. After we ate lunch each day, we had a rest time. The boys share a bedroom, and so each day we made it dark enough in there that we could play "I-Spy" with the flashlights I bought them. They had to stay in their beds while we played, and then after 20 minutes or so, they had to be quiet and I left the room. Each day Owen slept for about an hour or and hour and a half, and Deacon rested quietly.

Owen having a mid-afternoon snack...

Bathtime in the evening became a fun part of our routine too.

Not only did we find these cool "bathtub crayons" at the store, but also "bathtub paint" that turned the water colors.

At bedtime, we usually repeated the routine of playing "I-Spy" with the flashlights...and after the boys were asleep, we enjoyed our own quiet time, relaxing in Andy's and Ellie's beautiful family room, which they totally redid since we were here last.

On Thursday after nap-time, we ventured out to a local park, taking Calvin our grand-doggie with us...

After dinner on Thursday, we had craft time and made some great creations out of clay...

On Friday I decided we needed to do something with some of the apples we had picked earlier in the week, so we made pie...

Owen made an appearance every few minutes, but Deacon stayed right with the project and had a great time...

Finally, the pie was ready to go into the oven, and it baked while we ate supper...

it was SO GOOD!!

Next ~ a train ride to Discovery Place in Charlotte, NC for the grand finale!

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Rebecca said...

I could really identify with almost all your activities (except our crafts never turn out as neat as your clay creations did)!

Loved the post and all the happy faces.

Congratulations on the wonderful thrift store finds! You "done" good, honey! I actually stayed away from a church rummage sale today. I can't believe mySELF! There is another one tomorrow and I think I'll take it in. Mostly I'm trying NOT to bring more stuff home.

Wanda..... said...

Deacon handles that shortening like a pro! I relate to all the sweet moments you had with them, Jacquelyn...great memories!

Donna's Book Nook said...

What an adventure you're having! And the kids are absolutely adorable!

(I was wondering if you got my e-mail about the salt and peppers?)

Have a wonderful week! Donna B.

myletterstoemily said...

i bet those precious grandsons went home
with full tummies and sweet memories!

Pat said...

Seeing these precious pictures reminds me of when my gransons were that age...I wish I could turn back time!!
It's so wonderful to see such devoted and loveing grandparents as the two of you, your blessings just fill every picture frame.
I understand what you mean by not living closer...that would be the hardest thing in the world to adjust too. Mine have always been nearby, but now that they are in their 20's I don't get to see them as much as I'd like too..you know, work, girlfriens, and school..those necessary things of life!
Enjoy your sweet memories!!

Crown of Beauty said...

I absolutely loved this post both the words and the pictures - oh so much fun, and so much love!

The way you detailed the sharing on your post, it is really a work of love. The play dough creations were great...I think the monkey was the cutest!

I have also read your post about the Salvation Army finds... well, we do have something in common, I love flea markets too. And so did my husband - Friday Flea Markets at a nearby town was one place he and I looked forward to visiting.

Bye for now, will visit you again soon. Thanks for the delightful time I had here at your place.