Jan 21, 2011

Shopping for fun and thrift...

I had a couple days to go thrift shopping recently and here are some things I came home with. The AmVet truck comes to my house next Tuesday, so I will make up for bringing more stuff into the house by donating some other things. I've been told more than once that I have a good eye for bargains, which only feeds my habit! All of these came from the Salvation Army and Goodwill Stores. What do you think?

Meet Noah. He came in his original box with all the annoying packaging so he's brand new. He also came with twin elephants. By squeezing his thumb, you can get him to talk to you. His hands are also magnetic, so he can pray. He is very soft and cuddly. Not bad for $1.99.

I am a soft touch for Christmas tree ornaments no matter what the season. My grands have been "riding" mops and brooms lately so I had to snag this. He'll look adorable on my tree this year, and especially for only 29 cents.

How could I pass up this Cuisinart stainless steel can opener? It's heavy and extra tall...and I tested it before I left the store. For $3. I was really excited!

Near the can opener, I found this Oneida stainless steel shaker. The top twists to reveal three different sizes of holes. I plan to use is mostly for cocoa to top off tiramisu or homemade lattes, or for powdered sugar to sprinkle on top of pizzelles. What a deal at 50 cents.

My older two grands, Deacon and Elylah, are really into board games right now. This Veggie Tale game wasn't missing any pieces and is fun to play. I thought it was well worth $1.50.

I'm fairly sure this is a towel holder. It has a place on the back of the blue star to affix it to a nail. I love Americana things for the house and I'm planning on re-doing our upstairs bathroom some time this year, so I thought this would be my "inspiration" piece. 50 cents is all I paid for it.

This may have been my riskiest purchase. I shelled out $5 for this S'mores maker kit and I haven't even opened the box to see if it is all there yet. I must have been dreaming of summer, and I don't know, it just seemed like it could really be something fun to do indoors over this cold, cold winter we are having. I'll let you know! I hope to try it this weekend.

I think I'm the most excited about THIS purchase. I have needed an ice bucket for quite some time now, and this thing is brushed stainless steel with a plastic lining. It's about 10 inches tall and about 7 inches in diameter and will go well with other stuff I have in the kitchen. I did not mind paying $5 for this item!

Drum roll please........grand total $17.78.


Brenda said...

Wow! You did great! What fun!

Rebecca said...

Looks like your really enjoyed yourself! I'd love to get a peek at what you're getting rid of before that truck comes by next week! I haven't been "thrifting" for a long, long time. I've been getting a little antsy, but so far haven't given in to the urge.

Rose said...

I need to come shopping with YOU! What great finds. I love the stick horse and Noah. Thanks for sharing these treasures.

Judy said...

Wow! You done good!

It's a nasty cold snowy day in Michigan, but I'm still hoping to get to the two closest thrift stores.

What? You can't hear that? They are calling my name...

Pat said...

my goodness, you always do so well!
I really like that ice bucket, and what a great price.
Like July said, it's awfully cold here in Michigan, keeping me indoors more then out..I'm probably missing some great finds!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Jacquelyn,
Would you please stop over to see me,
I have a lil surprise for you hon,

Hope you enjoy it!!
blessings, Nellie

Will have to come back later to visit,
no time right now.