May 7, 2011

Life is good between the buns...

One of my sweet friends commented recently about my being on-the-go a lot lately.  It's true that life has been busy.  I'm still on my "grand-maternity leave" before I start babysitting again near the end of June.  So while I've been busy catching up with friends and family, organizing around the house, shopping, and doing some ministry-related things, I've had a little more "down time" than usual as well.  Mission accomplished!  My next goal is to find a regular time to read and write.  I may have to leave my house to do seems there is always something to distract me from these things when I'm at home.  Anyone have a suggestion for me here?

In the meantime, let me share what I've been up to.  Our church recently changed it's name from Hudson Community Chapel to Christ Community Chapel.  The reason for this is because we now have four campuses in  four different cities within two adjoining counties. Our new name reflects our unity as one church in several locations.  Our newest campus is in the Highland Square area of Akron, OH and it has been up and running for about a month now.  Hubby and I have been showing our support by attending there, and trying to discern if it is where we should be for a season.  It's a very exciting time in the life of our church, to plant a campus in the middle of an ethnically and socially diverse area of the city.  There is much work to be done and much to learn, so if we end up there, it definitely will not be for the purpose of warming a pew.  Prayers for direction would be appreciated!

My hubby and I maintain a blog for our church's local outreach ministries, and we are part of the Local Outreach team as well.  So we get opportunities to hear, see, and do local ministry related things and we are learning all the time about folks who are serving and those being served.  One of the things I've done recently is help organize a team of ladies who are willing to make casseroles, soups, and cookies that are delivered once a month to Rahab Ministries in Akron. Currently our church supports eight local faith-based ministries, and we hope to expand that number in the future as God opens doors and opportunities.

Something I've been doing on my "grand maternity leave" is trying to get a little one-on-one time with the Ohio grands.  Ethan is almost 2 1/2, and we recently spent a day together.  He is a precious and smart little boy, strong and full of energy too! 

My time with baby Eva, now 5 1/2 weeks old, has been necessarily limited so far, but I've had little spurts of time with her now and then while her mommy runs a few errands.  She is adorable and growing so fast I can hardly stand it.

Eva's first Easter

Last weekend I was blessed by a friend to receive two tickets to the Ohio Ballet.  So it was a date for Elylah and me.  She loves the theater and we had a great time enjoying The Wizard of Oz!

Here is my friend, Kim, and her daughter Sarah, who played multiple roles in this performance.

 I can't forget to tell you I got to attend the ROYAL WEDDING!!!

OK, so it was from the comfort of my family room...I invited my mom and two friends, Rachel and Jennifer, and we enjoyed a little tea party while we watched!

Yesterday my mom and I and three of my aunts went out to lunch at a special Italian restaurant, Papa Joe's.  We basically were honoring my dad's sister, Aunt Angie, who will turn 92 next week.  Doesn't she look great?

Another of dad's sisters, Aunt Mary Ann, who turns 80 this year, and my mom, 82

me with an aunt-by-choice, Helen, 91, who is Aunt Angie's sister-in-law

I have to tell you that these mature ladies inspire me.  They are full of life, and always look put together.  Aunt Mary Ann still has her hubby, Uncle Ed, who has some health challenges.  The other three are widows and each still live in their own homes.  Mom doesn't drive at all anymore; Aunt Angie drives minimally.  Both of them suffer from macular degeneration but otherwise are quite healthy. Aunt Helen has such great vision that she doesn't even need reading glasses!

For the Mother's Day weekend kick-off, I went to a lovely tea today with my mother-in-law.  It was held at her church.

Olena Stager, 85

For entertainment, this group, The Stairwell Singers, sang a medley of sacred music.  They were accompanied by piano, flute, and cello. Now that was a real treat!

Life is good between the buns...the only thing that could make it better is for my South Carolina family to be visiting, which we are hoping will happen soon.  With their 3rd little boy just 5 1/2 weeks old, Ellie's bow tie business, and Andy just starting a new one year venture, being mentored by a church planter, I need to be  patient.  I know many of you are away from parts of your family too.  It doesn't get easier, does it?


Debbie said...

Putting your feet to your faith and enjoying life's little pleasures. You sure know how to enjoy!

Rebecca said...

I so enjoy seeing your adventures! That new baby is a beautiful, beautiful little girl!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Jacquelyn,
So great to hear from you Hon!
Hope your Mother's Day was more than blessed, as it sounded like a nice lineup for fun things to do.
Yea, sometimes things do change, but sometimes even if they feel like changes you might not, I am finding sometimes they actually are easier and better in the long run.
Good you are pacing yourself and it is good to step back sometime, and I am sure you will get to a place where you will feel to resume some of your normal activities again, sometimes the Lord can be pruning a bit!!
Loved all your great photos.....
your grandchildren are just the cuties lil sweetie pies I have ever seen. Love all that dark hair and complexion. Looks like they sure like their grammie and grampy quite a bit!!
Love all the pics from Easter too,
very nice, looked like you were all having a lovely time. I commend you for what wonderful grandparents you are.........I think that is so
important for children to have godly grandparents who are very involved in their lives.
Wow, so neat your church is expanding so.....that is a really wonderful problem to have. Hope you enjoy your new branch if that is where the Lord calls us for sure!! Will pray for yall for clear direction.
Oh, I read your post on "ovarian cancer" this morning. what a wonderful testimony of God's goodness, I am so glad He chose to heal you or I would not know you now, or be able to be encouraged by the wonderful testimony that your life is!! Praise HIM!!

You have a Sweet Day my friend,
Love and Blessings Overflowing,

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Oh Yea, loved your royal tea party,
you guys looked so cute! and looked like a fun time. I watched a show just a few days before the royal
wedding and they were talking about doing a party and I thought it was a great idea, but didn't really have
enough time to put it together, so I was bummed cause it would have been great fun!! I loved the wedding too,
by the way. Refreshing!!

Oh and loved the pic of your lil grandaughter standing at the stove,
the look on her face just cracked me up. So Cute!
Pics are just soooo priceless.
Blessings again hon,

Jess said...

Hey there! What a fun tea party!
I LOVE the tiaras! So wish I could have joined in. ((HUGS))