May 19, 2011

Spring cleaning, organizing, and thrifting...

I'm still enjoying my grand-maternity leave before I resume caring for grandchildren three days a week.  My days have been full, but in a different way.  Since our rainy spring has kept me inside more than normal, I've been using some of my time to organize things at home.  

I've been cleaning out closets and bookshelves, and filling bags for the Am-Vet truck to pick up.  I know there are many great charities to donate to, but Am-Vets make it so easy by coming right to my front door about every two months.  All I have to do is put the stuff out on my stoop.  This has become a  regular  necessary part of my routine because of my addiction to THRIFT SHOPPING!

The Salvation Army store was packed yesterday, as it was 1/2 price day.  Here are just some of the things that less than $15 netted me:

This cute candle goes with my decor and stll had the original tag on it.  It glows in the dark.  I snagged it for a mere 25 cents! It is about 7" high.

Also 25 cents, how could I leave this primitive-looking toy behind?

I forked over 50 cents for this pretty hanging basket of flowers.  All I needed to do was fluff out the bow and press the tails.  I stuffed tissue paper in the loops and held the steam iron up to it for a few seconds.  Presto! looks like new.  If I don't hang it inside somewhere, it will go outside on the people door to our garage.  Almost ALL of my outdoor wreaths are from thrift stores ~ we just have no protection from the weather and so if I have to toss them after a couple of seasons, it's no great loss to the wallet!

This was my "find" of the day!  A beautiful Christmas dress for my oldest granddaughter.  It is taffeta, fully lined, and has some amazing detail such as covered buttons on the sleeves, an invisible zipper in the back, and lovely smocking.  It's a Charter Club brand for only $2 and I doubt that it has ever been worn!

Elylah already has a nice long sleeved white shirt that will look great with this Osh Kosh Christmas jumper. Would you believe, $1?!

She spotted this one herself and I splurged $3 on it.  She loves "twirly" dresses, and this definitely fits the bill!

I've also been doing a little spring cleaning (pretending that we actually are having spring this year).  I'm enjoying it more since I discovered THIS:

Dr. Bonner's magic soaps!  My favorites so far are the peppermint and lavender scents.  I've been using this for everything from mopping the kitchen floor, cleaning bathtubs, sinks and toilets, to washing my wood furniture! You can read about these natural products here.  I have been able to find them at grocery stores or health food stores also.  It only takes a couple drops in some water and so I don't feel like it is an extravagance to use these soaps and I definitely am happy to use non-toxic products around the house.  A 16 oz. bottle is about $10.

One of things I cleaned this week was the sole plate of my iron.  Something had melted on it and it was a mess.  I was ready to buy a new one until I found this product at JoAnn Fabrics:

It is a non-toxic cream.  All you do is put some of it on the cloth in the kit, and run your hot iron over it until it comes clean.  Then you get any excess cream off by ironing a second soft cloth that is provided. It was well worth a half hour of my time.  It was a little expensive ($14) but not as expensive as a new Rowenta.  Next time I need to purchase this I'll be sure I have a 40% off coupon with me.

So how is it going in your corner of the world this Spring?  
Do you have any cleaning/organizing tips for me?  

"She looks well to the ways of her household, and does not eat the bread of idleness."  
Proverbs 31:27


Walking on Sunshine... said...

Love the dresses!! Especially the girly one! Been doing a lot of organizing around here as well. Enjoy!

Rebecca said...

Impressive, my friend! You've run circles around me. (I haven't thrifted for a long time. Your S.A. definitely has lower prices than ours. I stopped going there BEFORE I quit thrifting!) Great finds, Jacquelyn.

no spring chicken said...

It feels so wonderful getting things Organized like that! At least I think it does. I can just imagine that it does... Maybe I should try it some time! :)

Blessings, Debbie

Bernie said...

I recently have done the same thing, I picked up some drawer dividers from IKEA and my dresser drawers never looked so good. I always feel better when this job is done. Would love to find that lavender soap you used, will keep my eye open for it.....:-)Hugs