Jul 24, 2011

Moving on...

I've been on the vacation channel since May and had I known I would write so many posts about the subject, I would have been a little more organized!  It WAS a major "life between the buns" event and I kept thinking of things I wanted to document...Thank you gentle readers for bearing with me!  Sadly, our time at the beach  already seems like a distant, though very pleasant, memory!

The reality of my life since vacation has consisted of hubby being   under foot   home working very hard on his job search.  We would appreciate your continued prayers for us in that department!  Since I am babysitting 3 of our grands several days a week, I've tried to give him as much quiet space as I possibly can to do what he needs to do.  That means I've frequently piled the kids into their car seats and taken them out and about.  The other day we went to a couple of parks so I could   wear them out   give them a chance to romp and play.  I had to laugh when hubby called me about 1:30 pm and said he was just wondering what I was planning to do about lunch...silly man.

This past week, with the temperatures in the '90's and my son's and daughter-in-love's air conditioning being on the fritz, they all slept at our house for several nights.  I insisted, as I couldn't bear the thought of them roasting in this heat when we have plenty of space for them.  It seems like their A/C is fixed now and that's a good thing, because it sure is hot and humid in our parts.

What's going on with the rest of you??


Wanda..... said...

The little one seems to be growing awfully fast, Jacquelyn. I don't believe your posts have been showing up on my reading list...mine stopped showing up on Bernie's once!

Bernie said...

Those grandchildren are adorable, makes your world a brighter place I'm sure. Am praying hubby finds employment and all goes well in your world. Sending big hugs...:-)

Jess said...

Jacque, you make me laugh!
I LOVE the lined out phrases preceeding the more PC comments...too much! LOL

The Grands are have such a wonderful time with you! Oh my, the memories you're making...the Legacy you're leaving!

Blessings upon blessings sent your way and of course for Bob as well.

Rebecca said...

You DO have quite an energy-demanding schedule. And it appears to me there is a another layer inside your bun - kind of like the extra piece of "bread" in a Big Mac (I think).

Glad you haven't lost your sense of humor as indicated by the cross-outs.