Jul 2, 2011

Vacation highlights: two creative activities

We only had 1/2 day of rain the entire week, and it came on Sunday morning, our first full day of vacation.  It didn't bother anyone really, and one of my sisters came prepared with a couple of creative things for us to do!

Would you believe that she taught us all how to etch a stenciled design onto glasses?

My sister Cindy demonstrating how to do it

The hardest part was choosing the stencil I wanted to use

Next step is to trace it onto clear, transparent contact paper

Hubby and I working on ours together.  You peel the contact paper apart
 and carefully smooth it onto the glass.

From left, Sis-in-law Marcie, sister Cindy, mom, and sister Barb

Next, with an Exact-o knife, you cut out the stencil

Using a paint brush, you then apply the glass etching cream
only to the areas to be etched.

After waiting 5 minutes, you rinse the cream off

I thought they came out pretty nice for our first try!

Toward the end of the week, we did one more creative activity. Using photos that everyone had taken through the week, we made these cute albums!


Debbie said...

Doing crafts is so much fun. Doing them with a group is even more fun. Your glasses and your photo album turned out very nice. I'll bet you have fun with your sister!

Rebecca said...

The albums turned out great - (I think I already told you how much I admired the etched glasses...)

Beth E. said...

What great fun! I like the etched glasses. So pretty!

I am not creative - at all - but I can cook. I enjoyed your previous post about that!

Dee said...

My family is creative but we never get together..after seeing all the fun you guys had maybe I can stir up a get together for fall.

Shelley said...

Great ideas! Never did etching myself..........may have to try that soon.