Jan 18, 2010

blog award

I want to thank Jackie over at fresh oil today for the blog award she gave me last week. Thank you for blessing me like that! I never had an award given to me before, so I had never given it any thought as to whether or not I would participate in blog awards. I've thought about it over the weekend, and while I am flattered and humbled that I was included, I have decided that I would post this beautiful graphic from my friend Penni and make my blogs award-free.

There is no reason other than I simply don't have the time. If I were less computer-challenged like so many of my bloggy friends, it wouldn't be an issue, but I need to be realistic about how much time I can spend on the internet.

Thank you dear friends for understanding; it goes against everything in me to have to decline a gift. I am so behind right now in the blog reading I want to do and to any of my bloggy friends that I haven't caught up with yet, I'm working on it!

Thank you again, Jackie. I love your heart!

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