Jan 19, 2010

It wasn't me!!

sorry folks. The generous person at Wal*Mart in my previous post was definitely not ME! I thought I made that clear, but I know we all have so many posts we like to read that perhaps some read it fast and got the wrong impression.


Wylie said...

That Walmart story made me tear all up! It is inspiring. Makes me want to be a blessing to others!!! I wish you could do Experiencing God with me too! It's been revised. You should get the revised book & read over it again if you studied the original one. You will no doubt be blessed!

I am leading a group of 30 & there are a few that have done it before & a precious woman who has even led it, but it's ben a while. I knew God designed this group & the small groups for a time such as this!

Jacquelyn said...

Thanks Wylie!

Deborah Ann said...

No matter who the giver was, what a great story!