Jan 7, 2010

please bear with me!

My out of state family is still here. Life is wild but wonderful...4 kids age 4 and under here most days...and all the adults. I have so much I want to share...I hope you will still be interested...I'll be back next week...and can't wait to catch up with all of you too!

Wishing you all peace, love, joy, & prosperity in this new year!


Wanda said...

Family should always come first...don't worry, your blogging friends will be patiently waiting for your return Jacquelyn!

Rose said...

Oh it sounds like you all are having such a wonderful time. Enjoy and we will see you when we see you!

Jess said...

Joy upon joy!
Get lots of Grandma HUGS!
Thinking of you and praying that this will be very special year for you.
Love in the Lamb~

Anonymous said...

Honey...we're friends. We'll be here when you return. Have a great time!!!