Jan 19, 2010

"You've Been Gifted" follow up...

On December 4, '09, I wrote about the initiative our church did during the month of December called "You've Been Gifted". (story here) There were so many stories that came in of random acts of kindness, and were posted on our church's website, though now they are gone. I wanted to share one story with you that was sent to our pastor. It is particularly touching.

"I was in the Super Walmart in Streetsboro this weekend and asked the Lord before entering the store to lead me to someone who needs a blessing. I really felt the presence of God while choosing a check out aisle. I ended up behind a woman in one of those wheelchair type carts the store offers and she was with her adult daughter. They were having trouble paying for their purchases and were trying to use different credit cards. It was obvious that this was the person God has chosen for me to "gift".

I stepped next to the lady and said " Merry Christmas why don't you let me pay for you today." The cashier overheard me and said " you can't do that" and I asked "Why not?" and she turned the cash register's monitor toward me that showed her total bill was $192. I said "that's OK our church asked us to look for opportunities to bless others this Christmas season" I then handed her the "You've Been Gifted" card.

The lady in the wheelchair began crying really hard and her eyes were red; she grabbed my face in her hands and said, "thank you very much-- I didn't think kindness like this still existed." She then said "the reason I am shopping today is to buy clothes for my husband's funeral this weekend!"

The cashier heard this and raised her hands in the air (and held them there) and said "praise God!" she then asked where our church was and said she would like to go to a church where people are as nice as me.

At this point I was feeling awkward about all the attention and started to babble phrases like "its not a big deal" and " I have a lot of money" --how embarrassing is that!

However, after all was said and done it really felt great to "team up " with God and be a part of blessing some else."

My random act of kindness didn't cost nearly as much in terms of money, and I don't know what the outcome was because I was able to do it anonymously, but I know I was just as blessed. I also did the Christmas Jar that I wrote about here. In fact, we had friends over on Christmas Eve (before all the excitement started with my mother-in-law and the ER) and our friends had also done one, so we got to excitedly share our stories with each other. I don't want to go into any more detail in fear of being "found out"!! But it sure was a lot of fun, and who wouldn't like to be blessed with an unexpected jar full of money on Christmas Eve from a secret friend or even from a stranger? I'll be starting to fill a new jar this week for next Christmas. I wouldn't miss out on this for anything!

I stumbled into a blog that a young gal, Katrina, is writing and she has determined to do a random act of kindness every day. You might like to check it out here. I have found it to be quite inspiring! But the best news is that when I went to read her post today, I found out that she committed her life to the Lord yesterday! If you feel so led, go over and give Katrina some encouragement. The angels are rejoicing and so am I!

God bless us, everyone!


Anonymous said...

This is inspiring! Don and I saved our change back in 2008 with the intent of gifting someone at Christmas. We found it hard to give it away! People were suspicious of it. But, then, maybe we were not listening to God. Don finally walked up to a woman behind the deli counter at a grocery store and gave it to her. My 'goal' this year is to try to do something helpful every day. Not sure how that's going, but I think we have to live intentionally in this area.

Wanda said...

Lovely post Jacquelyn...I did as you suggested and visited Katrina. It will be interesting to follow her daily acts of random kindness. I would have to be very creative in doing daily acts of kindness myself, being that we live somewhat isolated. I so appreciate blogging and the friendships with like-minded people I have developed. Thanks for your friendship Jacquelyn!

Katrina said...

Thanks so much for your kind words! But most important thanks for your kind heart and helping that woman at Walmart. The lord always provides! And, I know this woman will forever remember your act of kindness! I know god certainly will! God Bless!

Anonymous said...

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Dar said...

Jacquelyn, This is wonderful what you and others are doing...life has gotten bitter sometimes and you have reminded me how simple an act of kindness can be. God has truly blessed you. I pray for the strength to continue on your path that God has wished for all of us to follow. It's wonderful what your kindness has done for the woman at Walmart. Stay healthy in His love.
Blessings Be Yours

Jacquelyn said...

Oh dear, everyone! The person at Wal*Mart was definitely NOT me!! I was sharing a story that was sent to our pastor. We shared stories like this mostly anonymously to encourage each other to continue our random acts of kindness. I did find out the donor was a man...interesting that most people assumed it was a woman, not that it makes any difference. Oh that I would be in a position financially to pick up someone's $192 bill (maybe someday!!) I'm embarrassed that I somehow gave the impression the donor was me. So sorry!

Jacquelyn said...

Dear Anonymous, I would like to know who you are and what your project is about. Feel free to email me at Jacque481@aol.com.