Apr 14, 2009

For Deb...

Here is a closer picture of my china. It is called "Carnival" by Ranmaru, made in Japan probably in the '70's. Nothing particularly valuable. My mother-in-law bought eight place settings at an estate sale for $50! And I really love it because it has my favorite colors, blue & yellow. I've never had real china before, so I'm really enjoying using it as often as I can. I've tried scouring the consignment shops for more pieces but haven't had any luck. I can get some at Replacements.com but hate to pay the money! But I'd like to have 12 place settings, so I might buy more. Thanks for the compliments...

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Anonymous said...

Ohhhh how beautifully delicate that pattern is!!
I really like that Jacquelyn. I can see why you love it.
I don't have any china yet. We bought my mom & dad a set for their 50th anniversary, but we haven't yet bought one for ourselves. Maybe one of these days.
I'll keep my eyes open and if I happen to find any additional pieces I'll let you know.
Thank you so much for letting me see the pattern more clearly - absolutely beautiful!!!