Apr 14, 2009

the perfectionist confesses again...

I had the Easter dinner table all set the night before, beautifully I think, with my second hand china that my mother-in-law bought me from an estate sale, and the silver plated tableware I recently picked up at a consignment shop. The tablecloth came from an Am-Vet resale shop years ago, and the cloth napkins I found at a discount store, 8 for $1.99! I've had the glasses for over 30 years, also a gift from my in-laws.

I am thoroughly ashamed to say that two days after Easter, the dirty dishes are still stacked up on my kitchen counter. I came down with a head cold on Saturday and I just have not had the energy to finish the job! (maybe today?)

So again, after all the effort to put my best self forward, I have to admit I'm not so perfect afterall. Look at it as part of my healing process! And pray the mistress of this domain will get her act together soon!


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh perfectionism. I know it well.

First, what a BEAUTIFUL table!!! Your china looks so delicate. What's the name of the pattern?

And second, I've never seen such a neatly stacked batch of dirty dishes (hee hee). Even on my BEST day, my kitchen counter looks more messy than your's when stacked with dirty dishes!!

I reluctantly (kicking and screaming) began to give up perfectionism when my son became a teenager. I became exhausted with trying to keep things neat, clean and organized when it seemed like this bumbling teenager was secretly conspiring against me in every room of the house.
Now he's married with two children, and well.... they just don't share the same 'cleaning habits' that I do. So I can either spend my time running around behind them cleaning up every little thing and making sure they 'cleanly' visit - or I can enjoy them for who they are and relax in their presence.

The older I get, the more I realize that my perfectionism was really getting in the way of my enjoying life. After all, did our guests care one bit if the dishes didn't get done? No!! But the special time that you created for them and the effort you put into their enjoyment will be remembered for a long time.

Wanda said...

Don't fret about it Jacquelyn...I still have the dirty pan where I fixed our Easter potatoes!...and I even had help doing the dishes that day...I had placed it in the oven...completely forgot it!...Just make a memory of it to enjoy...You could leave them stacked even longer!:)a good story to tell someday...I had mine stacked to do later in the dishwasher...realized my son was doing them at the sink...so I let him do it his way...before I knew it we had an assembly line!

Andy said...

The important question is not "are the Easter dishes clean?" but "are there leftovers in the fridge?"!!!