Apr 13, 2009

My Southern Gents

Deacon Andrew, age 3, and Owen Anthony, 15 months, in their Easter attire, which their mommy put together for them. It's just not fair to have to live 9 hours away from them. Ok, so I've gotten to see them 3 times in the last 5 months. But that is definitely NOT enough! I'm hoping we can have a nice long visit soon. They are just growing up too fast!


Wanda said...

Two more very cute grandchildren...that photo brought a smile to my face...Deacon Andrew looks just a little mischievous and Owen Anthony reminds me of my g/son Grant Alexander when he was little...who's now 16...Fast is right!

Jacquelyn said...

I used both names as it seems to be a "southern" thing...and then you mentioned your grandson, Grant Alexander. Wow that is an awesome name...Deacon is the one who can say the alphabet backwards...what a hoot!

Wanda said...

Around here if a child hears both names...first and middle...with emphasis on the middle name...it usually means they are in "trouble"...that's a southern thing too...my parents were from Virginia originally.
Take care!