Apr 12, 2009

Grandma fun on Easter Day

Here's the "Asian" side of the family--the two grandkids that I babysit 4 days a week. Elylah is 3 and Ethan is almost 5 months.

Elylah inherited this beautiful dress from my cousin's daughter, Samantha,I arranged my first Easter egg hunt as a grandma.

Here's Jonathan, age 5, whose grandmas live out of state...

with his brother, Benjamin, 3

Hunting eggs with Elylah in our front yard.

We had spotted the Easter bunny the day before...but had to quietly take his picture through a dirty window!

As we enjoyed our friends whose families live in Pennsylvania and NY, another family in South Carolina got to enjoy the rest of my family. Hopefully they'll send me some Easter pictures soon so I can post them.


Wanda said...

It's nice the Easter Bunny was actually seen by your adorable grandchildren...we have several bunnies here too, but only one grandchild of the age to still hunt Easter eggs...Enjoy the babysitting...I provided that for 6 of my grandchildren too, while their parents worked...not all at once...but there were 3 sometimes...it gave me great memories!
You will have them too! Take care.

Jacquelyn said...

I thought of you Wanda as I was trying to post a couple pictures. Mine don't even hold a candle to yours! But I'll keep practicing. Yours are award-winning quality! Have you ever entered a contest? I know what you mean about the memories. It's awesome to get a taste of the joys of parenting without all the heavy responsibility! Grandparenting is the greatest!

Kaye said...

Hi, I enjoyed visiting your site. Such cute grandkiddies :) My grandkids and I also enjoyed Easter Egg hunts, though since I was out of town the week before Easter, we did ours a couple of weeks prior using the Resurrection eggs. They had a blast looking for the eggs, and then thoroughly enjoyed hearing the whole Easter story from Palm Sunday through to Easter, using the Resurrection eggs (they are plastic eggs and each one has one thing to talk about, such as a little donkey for Palm Sunday, praying hands for praying in the Garden of Gethsemane, etc. The last egg is empty because, PRAISE GOD - the tomb is EMPTY because Jesus is ALIVE!). We love to shout the last line - JESUS IS ALIVE :)

Have a blessed week :)

Anonymous said...

Isn't being a Grandma SO FUN during the holidays?
I can't help but feel God placed special creative abilities inside of each Grandma - so she'll know just how to make everyone's holidays fun.
And as fun as we try to make these times for others, we're really the one's who have the most fun and receive the biggest gifts of all ... those little hugs & kisses!
I am blessed that you allowed us a glimpse into your Easter - thank you for sharing!

Jacquelyn said...

I forgot all about the Resurrection eggs. I'll have to do that next year...the grandchildren will be at a good age. Yes, I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a grandma. I'm probably the most obnoxious one around. I feel so incredibly blessed to be part of the lives of these little people. There's nothing in the world that can help you regain perspective on what's really important than, like Deb said, getting those hugs and kisses! A couple weeks ago my 3 yr old granddaughter told me I was just like the fairy godmother. She was watching a Cinderella video and this goofy looking, rolly-polly godmother reminded her of me?? How could I not be rolling on the floor over that one!