May 14, 2009

My "grand" Mother's Day Week - Day Three

Saturday, May 9th was Ellie's 27th birthday! Unfortunately I missed most of it, having to spend the day in bed and behind closed doors. I felt really bad because we had promised to babysit for her and Andy that night so they could go out and celebrate. Well, they did come up with a Plan B and were able to celebrate, and that was a good thing.
I really don't know too much of all that happened that day, except that Ellie and I had decided we were going to let the guys do "everything" on Sunday and we were going to gratefully enjoy our Mother's Day. She did make a couple really good pies from scratch called "Lilikoi Chiffon Pie" from a recipe her parents brought back from Hawaii. Then she did some grocery shopping to give the guys a little jump start for Sunday. Other than that, I'm mostly clueless since I was stuck upstairs and away from all the fun.

On Saturday evening I sent a rather desperate email out to our small group of Christian friends and asked them to pray for me so I could get over being sick. Believe it or not, in just a couple hours I came downstairs and was hungry for some cottage cheese and dry toast, not having eaten in over 24 hours. After that, I was able to sleep the entire night. And I really was better for the big day. Thank you friends, and thank you, Lord!

Tomorrow: a GRAND Mother's Day from beginning to end!


Wanda said...

Thanks for visiting Jacquelyn...Alivia didn't have a camera that day but her big sister Amanda lets Alivia use one often...Sweet photo of your grandchildren...she's looking at him so adoringly and he's nonchalant...Just sweet...we're lucky!

Andy said...


You're getting really good with the picturs and the formatting! And you picked a good looking girl as the subject of your lead photo!

Deb said...

What a testimony it is to know that the job of motherhood was 'well-done' when Mom isn't feeling well and the rest of the household steps up and takes over!!
I'm sorry you didn't feel well, very glad God answered the prayers of your faithful friends, and very happy to see that your children and their spouses stepped up and took care of things while you were 'out of commission' for awhile.
You are indeed a blessed lady!