Feb 14, 2010

for my hubby...


Who would have ever thought way back when we were 16 and 17 and "just friends" in high school, that all these years later we would be together, sharing a life of love and still making memories? I love you more each year and thank God every day for you! He has been so good to us!

"Lord, you have assigned me my portion and my cup, you have made my lot secure. The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance." Psalm 16:-5-6.


Rose said...

What a great photo and such a perfect verse to go with it.
Happy Valentines Day.

Jess said...

Amen! I love that verse and it is so appropriate to celebrate HIS abundant blessings.
Another thing in common: I met my Hubby in high school too!
How blessed we are that we found each other back then. Though from very different backgrounds, God truly made us one in Christ!
Hope your day is warm and happy~

Dar said...

What a lovely loving couple you are. My parents spent 60 years together before Dad passed away. There isn't a day she isn't still with him in heart. I too met Bill in high school tho we did not unite until 12 yrs. later. It has been pure blessings and heaven ever since. God has been so good to us. What a friend we have in Jesus.
God Bless

Anonymous said...

I love this picture! What a happy couple you are!!! Hugs!

Jacquelyn said...

Hi friends! Hope you all had a great Valentines Day weekend! We stayed close to home for the most part and enjoyed each other's company :)

Dar, my parents were also married 60 years, and my husband's parents 59. I often wonder if we'll live long enough to say the same! But I'm thankful for each day we have together...so far 33 1/2 years!

Thanks to all of you for stopping by to comment!

Kaye Swain said...

What a wonderful picture and testimony! And awesome heritage you are passing on! Congratulations! I enjoyed reading the story of your friends and their mission trip as well. :) Definitely praying for them and you. :) :) :)

Jacquelyn said...

thanks Kaye!