Feb 22, 2010

Here's what we did on my day off...or free advertising for Famous Hair and Bath & Body Works!

My granddaughter Elylah has only ever had two hair trims in her 4 years of life, the second one being this past Friday. Joanna, her mother, and I have been trying to convince her for months that she needed a trim but she wouldn't hear of it. She wants loooonnnnnggggg hair!

And this is the first time she ever had her hair washed and conditioned this way. (She is holding a tiny crayon heart in her hand that some little (boy) friends made for her!) I ended up holding her other hand. She whispered, "grandma, why is there a towel around my neck?"

I talked to the stylist about how much to take off -- 5 inches. I didn't know if we went 8 inches it could be donated...and didn't have a way to contact Joanna to see if that would be ok...so I said "maybe next time!"

ok, here we go...

She did so well!

And we went on our merry way. We ran lots of errands and did a little shopping. I had one of those free coupons for a product at Bath & Body Works, and she got to pick out a little bottle of cologne all for herself. She choose Sweet Pea.

Here's what it looked like today, after 5 inches are gone!


Wylie @ Shout A Joyful Noise! said...

Wow! Gorgeous!

Jacquelyn said...

Wylie, she's all girlie, that's for sure!

Pat said...

What beautiful hair she has! She is such a doll!
What a wonderful day you spent together, such is the beauty of life that money can't buy!

Jess said...

Happy, happy day!
I just want to hug you both!
What a Cutie.

Jacquelyn said...

Pat, ever since we now have "high maintenence Ethan" I try to sneak in special time with the babydoll now and then. She definitely has her mommy's beautiful hair!

Hi Jess, hope you are doing well...She really IS a cutie, and sweet from the inside out!