Feb 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Deacon!

My oldest grandson, Deacon Andrew, turns 4 today! It seems like yesterday that we got a call from SC that his mommy was in labor and we drove all night from Ohio to welcome him into the world! In this photo, he is sporting a "real" necktie that my talented daughter-in-law Ellie made him.

Here he is last month when my SC family came up and we had a wonderful 10 day slightly belated Christmas! While it has been a crazy winter in the south this year, I don't think they have had this kind of snow!

On one of the days while they were here in January, Deacon and I had a date, just the two of us. (great big smile)

We went to a toy store where he had a great time playing with their Thomas-the-Train display.

And of course we left with a bag full of fun...Isn't he handsome?

Have a wonderful day, Deacon! Hope you feel lots of love coming from Ohio!


Deborah Ann said...

Oh is he ever handsome! And I love the name Deacon too, it is quite original, as is he!

Libbie said...

Oh yes...he is so handsome! And that first picture with the bow tie is timeless! I love it! Looks like you two had fun together! Happy Birthdya Deacon!

Judy said...

EXTREMELY handsome!

Four is such a fun age.

Jacquelyn said...

Deborah Ann, my son and daughter-in-law chose Deacon's name because it means "servant". Neat, huh?

Libbie, you can see my daughter-in-law's stuff at www.ellielaveer.wordpress.com. She got into this bow tie business without even trying, and now she is selling internationally!

Judy, Four was absolutely the most fun age with my own two boys. And now I have two grands who are four right now. FUN FUN FUN! Deacon looks so much like his dad at this age it is scary!

Jess said...

So handsome and so fun!
My little Amos is turning 4 in May.
And you are such a pretty grandma!

Rose said...

Oooooh, watch out all you little four year girls...there is a handsome man in the making. He is tooo cute!

Kaye Swain said...

Ohhhh - both these articles spotlighting your grandkids were so adorable. :) :) :) What blessings!

Jacquelyn said...

Jess, what an awesome name, Amos! Four is such a fun year! pretty grandma? only my hairdresser knows for sure...LOL

Rose, thanks. He looks so much like his dad at that age...we compare pictures of them all them time. He is a cutie!

Kaye, thanks...I just can't help being one of those obnoxious grandmas! LOL

cindy said...

How cute!

I want to tell you that your comment on my blog, wanting to more about Joshua, thrilled my heart.

I had his story ready to email you and before I could hit send my system logged me out.
I will tell you about him, I'm in the process of trying to scan some pictures to keep of him my blog also.

Thank you!

Pat said...

Handsome grandson, beautiful grandmother!
My favorite picture is the two of you with that yummy looking pizza!
I love his name...how inspired!